Event: AutoMass 2017 + GridLife Track Battle Rd. 3

This past weekend was the fourth AUTOMASS event, this time help at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois! The track is amazing for grip driving and drifting, this event featured both of those on the South course on Sunday, as well as North & Full course time attack with drifting on the skidpad on Saturday. Sunday also featured a car show portion which will be featured in a separate blog post. Here are a handful of photos from the event below:
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Event: GRIDLIFE Midwest 2017

Last weekend we ventured out to South Haven, Michigan for the GRIDLIFE Midwest festival, featuring time attack, HPDE, drifting as well as live music! We brought out our LS S13 with its new look and also the K24 powered AE86 we built in house for its on track debut. We snapped a TON of photos during the weekend, and managed to trim down 3300+ photos to 101 for our Flickr highlights album. Apologies if your car was missed on track, there were over 150 cars on track and it was very hot.

Simba’s SR22 powered Silvia

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Product Install: Kaaz 2-Way LSD Install

One of our customers was in need of an upgrade to his differential before the 2017 season started. Eric has a built LS1 in his 350Z and tracks it often as a part of the GridLife series as well as other racing series. We ordered him the diff and all of the supporting parts and went to work! The 350Z does come with an LSD and is great for daily driving because of how unnoticeable it is,  however for track use it lacks performance due to the viscous fluid which can deteriorate over time. Also, that viscous fluid only has a certain limit to it’s lockup capacity that won’t be a problem with an aftermarket differential option. The LSD of choice for Eric’s LS powered 350Z is the 2 Way Super Q from Kaaz. A 2 way LSD is beneficial for high speed circuit tracks, and has shown to be the preference of more aggressive drivers over a 1.5 way due to better stability during high speed cornering. Once you start increasing the torque output of the 350Z by adding more power or by using more aggressive tire compounds, the factory VLSD cannot provide consistent full lock-up.  The Super Q diff also has WPC treated clutch discs as well to reduce the infamous differential clunk for a more quiet operation (Read more on the cool science behind WPC treatment by clicking the link HERE).


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Project Update: S2000 Roll Cage Build

A few weeks ago we had one of our long time customers, and TF sponsored drivers, Devin Giles drop off his boosted S2000 time attack car to have his current roll bar modified into a full fledged roll cage fabricated for his car. The previous roll bar had been in the car for a couple of years and needed to be slightly modified for more reinforcement and structural integrity. When the car first got here, I myself was out of town so I didn’t get a chance to document the process of the old roll bar having its two rear supports cut out, the minimal interior being pulled out and a few initial measurements. But! The majority of the process was photographed so let’s jump right into it:


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Event: GridLife Round 2 – Track Battle & Drift

For the second year in a row, GridLife Track Battle returns to Autobahn Country Club! The track is beautiful, with three different layouts available to run; North, South, and Full. Saturday was dedicated to Time Attack and other track activities, while Sunday added a drifting demo in as well as a change of course running.


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Event: GridLife Midwest

This past weekend we ventured out to Gingerman Raceway for the GridLife Midwest event! It was an event unlike any other, featuring drifting, time attack, music festival, vendors and more! The weekend was a massive success and we cannot wait until the next GridLife in Road Atlanta at the end of the summer! We brought out the TF 5.0 Mustang as well as the Time Attack S14 to participate in the road racing aspect of the event to test out new aero on the S14 and shake down the cars.


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