Event: AutoMass 2017 + GridLife Track Battle Rd. 3

This past weekend was the fourth AUTOMASS event, this time help at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois! The track is amazing for grip driving and drifting, this event featured both of those on the South course on Sunday, as well as North & Full course time attack with drifting on the skidpad on Saturday. Sunday also featured a car show portion which will be featured in a separate blog post. Here are a handful of photos from the event below:
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Event: Club FR Jam

We ventured back up north to Shawano, Wisconsin for Club FR Jam at USAIR! This is the track where Final Bout and Final Bout II were held, as well as where Club FR hosts its D-Day events. Unlike any previous event however, drifting was allowed during the night time hours thanks to a lenient track owner and the addition of lights to illuminate the intermediate course section! We originally went out to the event to help staff (and drive some) but we managed to snap a few photos of the event  as well. Enjoy!


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Event: GridLife Round 2 – Track Battle & Drift

For the second year in a row, GridLife Track Battle returns to Autobahn Country Club! The track is beautiful, with three different layouts available to run; North, South, and Full. Saturday was dedicated to Time Attack and other track activities, while Sunday added a drifting demo in as well as a change of course running.


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