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Project: D-Spec AE86 Part 2

Since the last time we left off, a lot has changed on this car. The wiring is complete and now a tune is the last electrical based item left on the list. All of the wiring was taken care of by FENESS Engineering, and everything is tucked and organized.

One of the most noticeable changes is the presence of the J-Blood front bumper, which is painted in a two tone fashion. Being influenced by styling cues from Japan, the owner opted for a Ueo style silver bumper. The rear bumper has a matching two tone, as well.

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Does Size Matter?

We recently had the chance to witness two iconic tuning cars parked front to back. Even though they differ greatly in size and power, both of these powerful cars seem like a blast to drive. Whether we’re looking at the 300PS Miata or 700PS GTR, does power and size play a part in how we view a car? We certainly don’t think so.

Recent Customers Part 9

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are just a few that we had the chance to snap pictures of over the past couple days:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Event: TF S2000 Meet

To start of the month of August, we held a S2000 themed meet at our location. Like our other themed meets, these gatherings are a great way to stay in touch with our friends and customers. Just because it was a purposefully held for the S2000, we had bunch of different cars drop by.

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Lowered Custom Tesla Model S

A few days ago, one of our frequent customers dropped off his family’s Tesla Model S for some custom suspension work. Unlike the newer models, which feature air suspension, this version of the car was equipped with a more common spring over strut setup. Our project was to lower the car about two inches. In order to effectively do this, notches had to be precisely lathed into the strut body. The notch is home to a c-clip that supports the spring perch. A few notches were made on each strut so that the height can be adjusted in the future. Below is a set of before and after pictures. Note, the perches were set at the second lowest notch all around in the after picture.


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Customer: Madd Max 180SX

After little over five years in the making, Max is near completion with his take on the ever popular 180SX. Max went with Type-X aero to start off the exterior and added on Rocket Bunny V1 flares to compensate for the wide SSR Koenig Monster’s. Since these flares are best suited for Rocket Bunny aero, he trimmed down the bottom portions of the flares so that they meet the OEM exterior components. At this point, the exterior already looks pretty wild so a Origin GT wing, with custom stands, GT mirrors, and a splitter and canard combo are put on to further the aggressiveness.

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Recent Customers Part 8

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are just a few that we had the chance to snap pictures of over the past couple days:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Project: D-Spec AE86 Part 1

Several months ago, one of our long time friends came to us with a fairly bare AE86 and an amazing wishlist. His plans were to make this chassis into a great turn-key car to get back into drifting with. Immediately after receiving the car, we got to work!

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Event: TF Drift Car Meet

Last weekend we hosted a Drift Car themed meet at our location. Many people took time out of their day to drop by and hangout with other car enthusiasts while hopefully enjoying the really hot weather. Even though this meet was geared towards drift cars, there were cars with different tuning styles that drove through throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who had the chance to come by! We will definitely have more themed meets throughout the year!

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Customer: Nick’s GR STI

Without a doubt you have probably seen Nick dela Rosa’s Subaru GR STI in one of multiple features online and in print. It is one of the most complete Subaru builds in North America, and needless to say when Nick contacted itsProper to collaborate, they were extremely excited for the opportunity to grace the car with one of their designs. Although this livery was actually put together about a year and a half ago, they were finally able to turn the concept into reality in two days in preparation for Hot Import Nights Chicago. We had the chance to take some photos before the car left for the show.

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Event: Gridlife at Autobahn Country Club – Drift

Check out our Gridlife at Autobahn Country Club – Time Attack coverage HERE.

We left off with the grip cars attacking the track at Gridlife. During the heats when those cars were not on the track, the drifting showcase took place on the track. Many of the local drift cars were in attendance to put on a show for the audience. The main viewing area was situated at turn one which has a large straight section preceding it, and that allowed some of the drivers to accomplish triple digit entry speeds! Whenever these cars hit the track, everyone flooded to the fence to see some of Chicago’s better known drivers

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Event: Gridlife at Autobahn Country Club – Time Attack

Check out our Offset Kings Showcase coverage HERE.

While Offset Kings was taking place near the pits of the Autobahn Country Club, the track was constantly attacked by sessions of grip and drift cars that we part of Gridlife Round 2. The variation between the great show cars on one side of the fence and racecars on the other made it a great experience, from a spectators point of view, because there was always something feast your eyes on.

Earlier in the day, the different classes of track cars had the chance to learn and practice the track a few times and then put down some qualifying times for the time attack heats that took place on the later part of the day. The morning sessions were a little difficult because there were standing water portions from the previous night’s rain, but they eventually dried up. All the drivers were split up into two groups based on speed, but regardless of group, everyone on the track was pushing to decrease their lap times. So much so that there were a few near misses with the walls!

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Event: Offset King Showcase Chicago 2015

Few days ago, the second annual Offset Kings Showcase was hosted in Chicago by Fatlace, JDMChicago, and Gridlife. This event consisted of a track day (Gridlife Round 2) and a car show at the Autobahn Country Club. Just like the last year’s show in Chicago, the turn out was great, and the amount and quality of cars was vast. Drivers from Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and even California drove the distance to make this show! Even though we did not participate in the show portion of the event, we had a great time checking out all the cars, meeting new faces, and putting down some lap times.

Checkout that rare Sorcery front bumper!
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TF-Works FR-S Brake Cooling kit for Wilwood BBK

This TF-Works Brake Cooling Kit is engineered specifically to cool the Wilwood BBK for the FR-S under continuous heavy braking. The stock brake setup, and even the Wilwood kit, is well suited for the weight of the car and for daily driving, however in road racing or autocross environments the brakes lack sufficient cooling and are susceptible to over heating. This will lead to reduced stopping power and inconsistent brake pedal pressure. Cooling the brakes will reduce brake fade and prolong the life of your pads. This kit comes with a rotor backing plate which is designed to a very specific tolerance to force cool air through the rotor vents. The backing plates are made out of durable 6061-T6 aluminum, which is lightweight and will not corrode. Our kit also includes custom bumper ducts which captures and directs air through the high temperature silicone hose to the brake rotors. The NACA ducts easily zipties behind the front grill to capture the most direct air flow.

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Event: TF Nissan Meet

Last weekend we hosted a Nissan themed meet at our location. Many people took time out of their day to drop by and hangout with other car enthusiasts while enjoying the warm weather. Even though this meet was geared towards Nissans, there were some different brands that drove through throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who had the chance to come by! We will definitely have more manufacturer specific meets throughout the year!

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Event: ClubFR DDay51 at USAIR

As the spring weather is rolling around, ClubFR is back at hosting drift events yet another year at USAIR in Shawano, WI! At the first event of the year, there were many new faces at the drivers meeting, and it is great seeing the community grow after every event. For many of the returning drivers, this event allowed them to test out all the new modifications that were done in the off season. Some drivers didn’t even touch their setups from last year! Talk about reliability or laziness.. Whatever works, right?

Since it was still April at the time, the morning was quite chilly. Apparently, the previous night saw some isolated snow showers! The cold track was something the drivers had to get used to.

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Recent Customer: Satin White Pearl FC3S

Since the recent Chicago weather has been steadily improving from its winter state, more and more of our customers are beginning to wake their cars from hibernation. One of our many favorite local cars is this RX-7. For those of you who know the owner of the car, will know the history of it and the stories that parts of this car hold. We highly recommend you meeting the owner, Fred, and listening to what he has to say!

The execution of this car is outstanding! Everything from the exterior to the interior. Cars are an extension of their owner and you can definitely feel that vibe when looking at this car. Just take a look!

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Event: GPS Track Time – Autobahn

Few times throughout each year, GPS Track Time hosts non competitive track days at a two racetracks in the Chicago-land area. These events are geared towards drivers with zero track experience to professional drivers. Since this event was noncompetitive, everyone was pushing themselves to improve his or her lap time as the day progressed. The atmosphere was very friendly and an overall great place to be. From our perspective, it was great seeing some of our customers push their cars to the limit!

We brought out two of our cars, the S14 and the recently completed 350Z, to perform the first shakedown of the season. In the off season, the S14 received very minor changes and the main setup remained nearly identical to the one from last year. The 350Z is a completely new car. With the few runs it was on the track, we found the car’s strengths and weaknesses. Overall, both cars met our expectations and were a blast around the track!

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Ray’s Transformation

After his Greddy turbo kit was recently installed, Ray decided to stand out from the rest by implementing a fresh TRD inspired livery. It features reflective red, chrome, white, and matte black accents throughout that really make this car stand out from the rest.

Event: Tuner Galleria 2015

For the past few years, a local Chicago convention center has annually hosted one the largest modified car shows in the area. Just about each hall in the building is packed with cars suited for any kind of taste the spectator might have. Since there are so many varying approaches to modified cars, the show was split in two. The domestic side was called Autorama and brought forth some of the best muscle cars, hot rods, domestic race cars from the Midwest and further! Tuner Galleria showcased the imports and the types of cars we are used to. Both were awesome and you really have to appreciate the amount of time and effort that builds from both shows required.

From functional track cars, to builds focused on wheel fitment, to VIP, to promotional cars, Tuner Galleria had it all. We’re going to take a look at some of our favorite builds from the show. Towards the end, checkout our flickr to see more!

We are extremely honored with this build. Three days before the show, we received the shell from paint and within those days we put the car back together and drove it around the venue. Taking home Best In Show feels amazing for a car of this caliber!
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Project: Rocket Bunny Engine Makeover

For the upcoming car season, we decided to give the tried and true Rocket Bunny a nice engine makeover, amongst other things. There will now be even more power to utilize when on the track thanks to machining, Fast92 intake manifold, headers, and other small internal work. Many of the components for this overhaul came from Sikky. While it is still in the process of being put together, check back soon another sneak peak at what is going on behind the scenes.

Check back soon for more!

Event: Osaka Auto Messe 2015 Part 1

Every year, there is a gathering of some of the wildest car’s in the Kansai region. Emulating the Tokyo Auto Salon, Osaka Auto Messe showcases some of the wildest cars in Japan, hottest products that will be introduced into the market, and more. This year, we had the chance to travel to Japan to see what this show had to offer. Hope you enjoy our coverage!

Black Pearl Diamond introduced the new Jewelry Line Diamond aero for the Lexus IS.
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2015 Chicago Auto Show

With each passing year, the Chicago Auto Show provides consumers with an inside look at most of the new cars that they can expect to see on the road that year. Alongside readily available cars, the show is also made up of concept vehicles, tuner show cars, and full on race cars. This year, our intern got the chance to visit the 2015 Chicago Auto Show and see what was going on. Below is his set. Enjoy!

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Product Spotlight: Defi Smart Adapter W unit

Since the dawn of man, the human species has been wired to follow what our ancestors has established and improve upon throughout the evolution of our well being. Back then the car gods has invented a nifty little device that measured the amount of revolutions a engine shaft spun. That such device was called a Tachometer and it had a big display with segmented lines and a dial that displayed the revolutions per minute. This device was the precursor to many other important monitoring devices needed to manage the engine in each car. At it’s bare core, these devices were considered analog devices that takes in mechanical or electrical signals and convert them into a mechanical dial and rotated on a faceplate displaying various parameters in increments. You had A/F gauges, Boost gauges, Water temp gauges, Oil pressure gauges and etc.

Over the years OEM companies has standardized on a few devices such as Volt gauges, engine temp gauges, boost pressure gauge, oil temp gauge along with the typical Speedometer and Tachometer. As technology advances thru time, more and more digital solutions were implemented in manufactured cars. But where technology makes things easier, it also dumbs down the audience that uses such technology. Case and point, the Apple iPhone has simplified the operations of using a MP3 player through their 1 cable/1 software setup where everyone was able to just plug in and download all their songs from one source to their device without having to deal with setting up and installing various plugin’s and searching websites for songs. It was a one stop shop for all music lover. However in the automotive world, you probably noticed that back in the 80’s-90’s there were car’s manufactured with all sorts of gauges on the dash that made you felt more in touch with the car with all the analog dials spinning in front of you every time you pressed the gas pedal. The newer car’s of today from 2000 and up has got rid of most of those nifty gauges in place of “idiot” lights that remind you that your car is overheating or something is wrong with your car. This “dumbing” down of the audience always made me feel like I never know what my car is doing without having all those gauges. Technology gotten so good in the automotive industry that they feel that the computer can monitor everything and just display a “idiot” light to tell you something is working or not.

Now if you are like me and other car enthusiast out there, I would rather prefer everything laid out in front of me to decide what is crucial to me and my operation of my vehicle. Companies like DEFI, Greddy, AEM, Innovate and etc, all have been in the fore front of bringing us aftermarket gauges in various shapes and forms throughout the years. We are use to seeing big and small analog and digital gauges that clutter all over the dash. All those gauges usually tells people that you are serious about keeping your car in tip top shape either for racing or just increasing your rep points at shows. No matter how you choose to display them, they all come down to one big question “how do I place it on my dash so I can properly view it?”

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Project: Track Oriented Z Part 2

Since the last time we left off on this 350Z HERE, there have been several changes performed to the car.

One of the most apparent things checked off the list has been the custom ducting for the intercooler and radiator. The purpose of this setup is to guide air where it needs to go i.e. the cooling system. Without this kind of ducting, under high speeds the air coming in contact with the front of the car will have no where to go except either over or under the vehicle. If the air travels underneath, it can create life and decrease the stability of the car. In order to grab the air and use it effectively, this ducting has been created.
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TF-Works 2014 Year in Review

As this year is coming to a close, 2014 can be marked as yet another succesful year for TF-Works. Everyday at the shop, work was performed from the the simplest of tasks to full-scale magazine featured builds. New technologies were prototyped for various chassis and plans of future development are in the works. One of the first projects we worked on was ABmotoring’s Rocket Bunny BRZ:

Our in house graphic designer created a livery that flowed great with the lines of the car, the kit, and the wheels! ABMotoring’s BRZ is equipped with Jackson Racing’s SuperCharger kit and Airlift Air Suspension. This BRZ is not just built for show, it’s built to be driven and driven hard. The driver, Richard (aka Fish), drifts it regularly and drives it daily.

Once the weather started to warm up, we held a BRZ/FR-S owners meet at the facility. The turnout was great and it was a pleasure getting to know our loyal customers. We worked and developed many parts for this chassis in the earlier months and seeing our technology utilized was humbling.

Around the middle of August, another iteration of the Another Level car show took place near us, and we had a chance to have a booth set up. Having a few items on sale, giving out TF merchandise, and yet again building relationships with customers was a gerat experience.

One of our customers came in for a feature on our blog. Give it a read!
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Product Spotlight: WedsSport SA-15R

This fifteen and occasionally twelve spoke wheel, is a recent addition to WedsSports line of wheels. Featuring a multi-spoke design, the SA-15R’s are strong, lightweight, and perfect for the motorsport application. For 2014, Weds introduced more width choices to the 18in wheel along with the choice of the concave or super deep concave face, and created a 19in option. Below, the first wheel is is the regular concave face, and the following wheel is one with the super concave face.

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Recent Customer Part 7

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are is a frequent customer that dropped by:

Whenever something hot drops by, a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Project: SEMA 2014 Gen. Coupe Build Part 3

View Part 1
View Part 2
View SEMA Coverage

The journey to this build’s completion has finally ended. In the quick seven weeks that pasted while working on this car, we were able to create a unique build for the show. Along the way, we had the opportunity to work with numerous great companies, parts, and individuals that we are extremely thankful for.

Debuting several new parts for 2015, this Genesis gave the SEMA audience a taste of what is possible for this chassis in the upcoming months!

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Project: SEMA 2014 Gen. Coupe Build Part 2

View Part 1

We left off with the car being prepped for its first departure to the paint booth. Once the Genesis was in the hands of the painter, the engine was assembled and it was ready to have all the bolt-on components added to it. The turbo and all of its part were put on, the nitrous system was fabricated and configured to the intake manifold, the air suspension unit was constructed, and more!

Shortly after everything engine wise was complete, the car came back and it was time to put everything back together. The deadline for SEMA was coming up quicker and quicker with each passing day. Some late nights in the shop were called for in order to use any possible time available. Considering how much had to be done, everyone in the shop did their share to make sure this car was complete before its final trip to the paint booth.

Cutting into fresh metal is scary yet thrilling! From this point, the exterior would never look the same.
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Project: SEMA 2014 Gen. Coupe Build Part 1

On a humid August afternoon, a white 2013 Gen Coupe appeared in the back of the shop in isolation. Walking past the new car, my curiosity lead me to start asking the staff in the back about the car. No one really knew anything about it. I proceeded to go up front of the shop, and I found out that it was a customer car. However, calling it just a customer car was an understatement. It continued to sit in its current spot for a few days until some whispers among the shop and front started surfacing. The secret within TF-Works was out and we were all filled in and told that this car would be built for SEMA. This car will be one of kind at the show due to the prototype parts that will be debuted on it. From this point on, this build was kept on the down low.

Partnering up with Blood Type Racing, we received a brand new Hyundai Genesis Coupe with an abundance of parts to begin our build. At the time, we didn’t know how the exterior would look like because the rendering was still in the process. The only clue we had was that it would sport a one off wide body kit. That alone kept the hype going! Following the build briefing, before pictures were taken and the tear down started!

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Project: Earl’s Subaru

In the past few days, this Impreza has gone through a noticeable amount of change under the hood. The primary augmentation was in the intercooler piping and turbo dump pipes. When the car came in, the radiator and intercooler were positioned in a v-mount setup and that did not allow for efficient cooling. Since this car’s main habitat is the track, proper air flow is key. Another issue present was the position of the two dump pipes from the twin scroll turbo. Later on you will be able to see what I mean, but first here is the completed piping:

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Service: S13.4 SR Valve Cover

As you begin to create more power with your SR20, the stress level experienced by your engine begins to increase. The more stress present, the greater the likelihood of engine failure. Proper lubrication of all critical components is always important, however the S13 SR20 valve cover has a limited oil disbursement capability. If you have a S13 SR, and an oil catch can setup, you have probably noticed your catch can fill up before the day is even over. This is due to the absence of internal baffling in the S13 SR valve cover. The S14/15 SR valve cover does have internal baffling, which prevents all of the oil to just end up in the catch can. This issue has been solved in the S14 and S15 SR20’s by implementing improved baffles that direct the oil back onto the camshafts instead of going straight back into the catch can,and augmenting the shape of the cover. However, the heads differ slightly from the previous model and a direct bolt-on is not possible. A popular solution is to cut the front of the S13 valve cover and mate it to the S14 one. Below, we will see our skilled fabricator show us the process.

We begin by measuring and marking off a S14/15 SR20 valve cover.

This S13 cover just got cut and only the front of it will be used.

With precision, the S14/15 cover is cut leaving us with the needed rear section of the valve cover.

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Black Friday at TF-Works

On a chilly Friday morning following Thanksgiving, a gathering of local car enthusiasts started gathering at the front door of TF-Works. Customers from many of the neighboring towns came to TF as early as 1 a.m. to take advantage of the serious price cuts on just about everything. While in line, you could hear the good spirits of everyone in the car community and speculation regarding what the best deals were, and what was everyone’s plan for the 2015 car season.

We rounded up some of the early birds for a small family photo

As you were walking in, this is what you would see. Anything you would need and want to start, continue, or finish your build was here
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Project: Track Oriented Z

Serious and creative builds are ones that require an unsurpassed amount of time, skill, and money. Over the course of a few years, this 350Z has seen modifications performed to it that only a select few Z’s have in the past. This time attack Z33 build has plenty of history with us, and even before, which can be read up on HERE.

As the linked build thread states, this car is powered by a fully built SR22VE-T. This swap is not one that you see in general, let alone in a 350Z. The engine is cradled inside of a shell that strictly focused on safety and functionality. A custom fabricated 10pt cage coupled with reinforcement tubes and braces throughout the car ensure the utmost safety in any situation. An OMP fire suppression system and multiple battery cut-off switches are present as a backup in the case that something were to happen.

A great engine like this needs powerful electronics to propel it, and that is covered by a PROEFI ECU, Racepak IQ3, AEM ignition, and plenty more! Once the car is running, the power is transferred through a EXEDY triple plate clutch, Mazworx transmission, Tomei 1.5 way, then through some wide WedsSport TC-105N wheels. When it needs to stop, massive 12pot/10pot TAROX brakes stop the car on a dime.

The exterior of the car has an assortment of carbon fiber pieces. Voltex front bumper, hood, fenders, and side skirts are just some the pieces currently on. More aero goodies are still to be put on like a chassis mounted GT wing!

With that small background segment out of the way, lets look at some photos of the current state of the car:

This fully functional bash bar supported the weight of a minimum of three of our most manly men here at TF.

A custom radiator, intercooler, and oil cooler setup is nestled behind that bash bar.

Quality parts galore!

The Racepak feels at home while surrounded by the other distant control modules.
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Event: SEMA 2014 Part 3

Part 1 Click Here.
Part 2 Click Here.

With the early stages of the indoor and outdoor venue covered, we head back inside to wrap up the remainder of the coverage. As with every year, SEMA provides a host of new technologies, products, and innovations that will hit the market shortly after the show. We hope you enjoyed seeing the convention from our perspective.

Checkout that wild center exit titanium exhaust!

If you were ever wondering what’s under Forrest Wang’s hood, take a look!

Doesn’t this Rocket Bunny NSX just look happy?
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Event: SEMA 2014 Part 2

Part 1 Click Here.

We continue our SEMA 2014 coverage by stepping outside of the venue, and take a look at what the outdoors has to offer! Both locations have their share of amazing builds that are worth taking a look at. Let’s see what cars were found out there:

Elvis from StanceNation showing us how “stance” is done!

Pretty wild aero on this R35. An apparent trend this year was having a wide and low car, and this car pulls it off wonderfully!
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Event: SEMA 2014 Part 1

Every year hundreds of builders, vendors, manufacturers, and thousands of spectators flock to Las Vegas to witness the best of what the modified automotive market has to offer. As with previous years, we had the chance to travel out west to see first hand what kind of innovations will be in the market next year, and what other car builders are capable of.

This year we worked together with Blood Type Racing (BTR) to build a Hyundai Genesis Coupe for Hyundai USA. The car sports a one of a kind widebody kit produced by Remake, a brand new set of Work Emotion CR 2 piece, custom turbo kit, Stance coilovers with ISM air cups, nitrous and more!

Here is our coverage:

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Recent Customers Part 7

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are is a recent customer that dropped by:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Mustang Mondays

Two Mustangs parked under one of our photogenic trees.

If you wish for your Mustang to standout from the rest on the road, we can help you make that happen. We carry a variety of different components for this car.

Give us a call or send us a message for more information.

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Recent Customers Part 6

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are is a frequent customer that dropped by:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Product Spotlight: KMO Activities Todoroki Front Fenders and Roof Spoiler

Aftermarket support for the FR-S/BRZ chassis keeps getting greater and greater as time goes by. Everything from performance, to looks is constantly being released on the market. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you would have noticed the large amount of posts focused on these cars. It’s a great chassis and there are many parts that make it even better.

One of the recent aesthetic pieces for these cars has been a set of front fenders from KMO Activities. These fenders are commonly known as KMO Activities Todorki fenders, and they widen the front of the vehicle an extra 30mm on each side. Referencing styling cues from other fender designs currently popular, this set cuts into the side of the fender to expose the tire more. If the exposed tire look is a little too extreme or you wish to add something to that void, then there is an optional add-on piece (not included in the set of fenders).

Here are the raw photos of the fenders and the optional piece:

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Feature Preview: Ray’s FR-S

Ray, @vipgod, is a JDM and quality part fanatic. Every car he builds goes through multiple stages that only showcase quality parts executed in the highest degree. As this particular FR-S is soon to evolve once again, I will share with you a quick preview of what it’s like inside this machine.

Once all the components reach the car, a full feature of the car and owner will be available here. For now, stay tuned for more!

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Product Spotlight: KEY!S Racing Steering Wheels

KEY!S Racing steering wheels are back in stock at TF-Works!

A new model that arrived in this shipment is the FR-S/BRZ-specific steering wheel from KEY!S, which utilizes the OEM airbag. The wheel is technically suited for the JDM chassis because the splines on the steering column are not the same as the USDM version. This results in the wheel being a few degrees off center, but with a quick alignment after install it can be straightened easily.

Check out the FR-S/BRZ-specific [right] and 325mm semi-deep [left] KEY!S Racing steering wheels installed:

We have limited quantities in stock so contact us directly soon to lock in an order for your favorite model from KEY!S Racing!

Recent Customers Part 5

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are just a few that we had the chance to snap pictures of over the past couple days:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Event: Final Bout Part 3

Part 1 Click Here.
Part 2 Click Here.

With the first day of drifting in the books, the drivers were pretty well adjusted to the track and it was time for the competition! The bleachers were packed and everyone was excited for the action to start. After a short practice period and parade lap in the morning, each team was allowed two scored runs with the four highest scoring teams advancing on to the final four.

Seeing all of the cars lined up by team and ready to go at the starting grid was amazing. It was finally here; Final Bout was here. Months of preparation all came down to this day. Every team had one thing in mind: make this weekend the most memorable one.

The first team was up. Everyone was excited yet nervous when the sound of high revs and spinning tires filled the air. They were off!

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Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Exhaust Manifold

Newly developed parts keep streaming in for this great chassis, many of which are bolt-on components for the intake and exhaust sections.

Recently, we received a shipment of Tomei Expreme exhaust manifolds for the ZC6/ZN6 application in two versions: equal length and unequal length. Both designs have their own purpose and more information on them can be found here.

A customer came in today for a Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold (BRZ/FR-S) #412002 install.

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