Product Highlight: Performance Brake Fluid

Let’s talk a little about brake fluids:

First, keep in mind that all brake systems will only work as well as their mechanical and hydraulic design will allow.  Poorly designed brakes system, or an inadequate brake setup will cause the brake fluid to boil much faster.  Brake fluid can boil inside the caliper causing bubbles to form, which leads to a “soft / mushy” pedal feel.  In certain cases the pedal will fully depress to the floor and the only way to get the pedal to return is to pump the brakes.


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Product Feature: Koyorad Radiator for ND Miata

Koyorad Racing is constantly staying on top of the market as new cars are released and designing products to accommodate them. One of the latest is the ND Miata from Mazda which is already becoming a popular platform for modifying for track use and for show. Koyo stayed on the ball and designed a radiator that trumps the OEM one in every single way and generously sent us one of the first to put in the ND Miata we have around here to do a side by side comparison like we did with the E46.


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Project Teaser: AE86 Build


We’ve been keeping it under wraps here at TF, but we have been in the process of collecting parts for a new project that we have yet to do here in shop! More details will be released later, but for now enjoy a small teaser of some photos from Crystal Body Yokohama! CBY has been working with us getting all of the aero for our project car ready and it’s going to be on its way to us soon. Check out their website HERE!

CBY has been tuning with AE86 aero for many years now and has established their place in the market. You can find out more photos of their shop car at NoriYaro (beautiful car, simple and fast!)

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Product Feature: Koyorad Racing Radiator for E46 M3

While the market for the E46 chassis is large, it is no where near the size of the more common import chassis’, such as the S chassis. Comparing these two seems a bit unfair; the market appeal of each was aimed at an entirely different demographic, and the cars are years apart from each other technologically speaking. The E46 M3 was regarded as one of the best sports cars of all time for its superior handling and performance, and they are much more affordable to the masses now as time has gone by. The market for these cars was growing exponentially as they became more affordable so it was a no brainer for companies such as Koyorad to start developing more products for the chassis. Koyorad aluminum E46 M3 radiator

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Service: Custom Roll Bar

Participating in a track day event is one of the best ways to improve your driving skill level. As your ability to pilot your car becomes greater, you are going to push yourself and your vehicle to the limit. That need to get a better lap time will result in buying parts to make the car lighter, faster, and more agile. But with all of these components to consider, safety needs to be the top priority.

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Feature: Austin’s RB-Powered 240SX

Who: Austin Zarecky
Occupation: Student at Ferris State University
Car: Nissan 240SX Hatchback

Austin started off with a vision for this car many years ago, back when he had a different rust stricken shell. Six years ago, he came to Touge Factory hoping to have a purposefully built car created. His plan was to build a drift-oriented car for the track, however the original motor had constant engine problems. After thinking things through, Austin decided to do something a little different. He came in with money and a different shell, and decided to drop an RB26DETT, from a Nissan Skyline GT-R, into it. After some time, his vision came to life.

TF: Hi Austin, can you tell us what was your first car?

AZ: Buick Regal Supercharged. I totaled it by sliding off the road during a winter storm into a pole. The pole came smashing down on my roof and it missed me by only a little bit. That accident taught me not to street race and to leave fast driving to the track. Now that I think about it, this happened right before I went to New Zealand.

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Touge Factory @ WMHM10

A couple weeks ago, a few of the guys over here at Touge Factory headed out to Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI for the tenth annual West Michigan Honda Meet. The event — which welcomed all car makes to participate — was very well organized.  Even with such a large scale turnout, all the drivers had a healthy share of track time with as many as eleven 15-20min sessions over the two days. Read more

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