Product Highlight: Koyorad Pocket Radiator

Koyorad is pleased to introduce a Universal all-aluminum performance radiator to fit various sport compact applications.  The Koyorad Pocket Radiator was developed as a small yet highly efficient radiator to fit in the tightest of show car engine bays and in applications where hiding away various engine components, hoses, and wiring has become popular.  This radiator features: a 53mm two row, high density “Hyper” core for the ultimate in cooling efficiency from a relatively small radiator.


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Product Highlight: UPR Products Clean Side Oil Seperator & Crankcase Breather

The latest goodies to arrive for our Mustang came in from our friends at UPR products to help us eliminate unwanted blow-by and unwanted crankcase pressure that our now 660HP Mustang generates while under boost and during normal operation. We’ve had problems with oil spewing out of the Procharger race valve and getting everywhere in the engine bay, so we are eager to see how these products stack up on our Mustang before GRIDLIFE Midwest next weekend!


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Product Highlight: Koyorad for V8 Swapped 240SX

Newly announced from our friends at Koyorad, a high quality all-aluminum performance radiator for V8 swapped S13s (minor modifications needed to fir S14). For the ultimate in cooling performance, this radiator was developed with a crossflow design along with a dual pass “N-FLO” partition which conveniently locates both inlet and outlet on the passenger side of the engine bay.  In typical fashion, Koyorad has engineered this radiator with precision, designed to directly replace the stock OEM plastic/aluminum radiator for ease of install along with superior quality, precision hand welds, reliability and uniformity are what have earned Koyorad their excellent reputation in performance radiators worldwide.


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Product Highlight: Origin Lab Hood Vents

We just received a massive shipment of products from Origin Lab! Most of it is pre-sold, but be sure to call or email us for availability on in stock Origin parts, and also to order pieces that will be coming in to our next shipment! Here we are going  to show you the three different variants of hood vents vents:


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Product Highlight: Volk Racing TE37 16x8J +25

We are excited to be bringing you this all new wheel from our friends over at Volk Racing: a 4×100 TE37 in 16″ by 8″, with an effective offset of +25 AND for the first time ever it is being offered in a Type III concave! Normally this wheel in this sizing would have a flat face, but the added concave really gives the wheel a way more aggressive look! There is no etching on these wheels like the latest TE37s have had, instead the branding and stickers are a tribute to the OG TE37.


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Product Review: Whiteline Performance Sway Bars for S550 Mustang

As most of you know, we picked up an S550 Mustang as a shop car to learn more about the chassis and give an American “Classic” our own take. The mustang is by no means a light and nimble car, it has some mass to it. Weighing in at nearly 3800 lbs, we’re going to try and do everything in our power to make the car handle as if it were lighter while retaining the comforts of a street car that sees the occasional track.


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Product Feature: Koyorad Radiator for ND Miata

Koyorad Racing is constantly staying on top of the market as new cars are released and designing products to accommodate them. One of the latest is the ND Miata from Mazda which is already becoming a popular platform for modifying for track use and for show. Koyo stayed on the ball and designed a radiator that trumps the OEM one in every single way and generously sent us one of the first to put in the ND Miata we have around here to do a side by side comparison like we did with the E46.


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Product Spotlight: STANCE Suspension Coilover Covers

STANCE Suspension recently released a new product that will aid in preserving the life of their coilovers. Made from breathable neoprene, these covers protect your investment from salt, ice, and extreme road conditions. The neoprene covers feature a zipper on the back that allows for an easy install. Both ends of the covers are elastic and create a tight seal around the unit. Since coilovers come in varying sizes, 325mm and 395mm long variants are available.

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Product Spotlight: Defi Smart Adapter W unit

Since the dawn of man, the human species has been wired to follow what our ancestors has established and improve upon throughout the evolution of our well being. Back then the car gods has invented a nifty little device that measured the amount of revolutions a engine shaft spun. That such device was called a Tachometer and it had a big display with segmented lines and a dial that displayed the revolutions per minute. This device was the precursor to many other important monitoring devices needed to manage the engine in each car. At it’s bare core, these devices were considered analog devices that takes in mechanical or electrical signals and convert them into a mechanical dial and rotated on a faceplate displaying various parameters in increments. You had A/F gauges, Boost gauges, Water temp gauges, Oil pressure gauges and etc.

Over the years OEM companies has standardized on a few devices such as Volt gauges, engine temp gauges, boost pressure gauge, oil temp gauge along with the typical Speedometer and Tachometer. As technology advances thru time, more and more digital solutions were implemented in manufactured cars. But where technology makes things easier, it also dumbs down the audience that uses such technology. Case and point, the Apple iPhone has simplified the operations of using a MP3 player through their 1 cable/1 software setup where everyone was able to just plug in and download all their songs from one source to their device without having to deal with setting up and installing various plugin’s and searching websites for songs. It was a one stop shop for all music lover. However in the automotive world, you probably noticed that back in the 80’s-90’s there were car’s manufactured with all sorts of gauges on the dash that made you felt more in touch with the car with all the analog dials spinning in front of you every time you pressed the gas pedal. The newer car’s of today from 2000 and up has got rid of most of those nifty gauges in place of “idiot” lights that remind you that your car is overheating or something is wrong with your car. This “dumbing” down of the audience always made me feel like I never know what my car is doing without having all those gauges. Technology gotten so good in the automotive industry that they feel that the computer can monitor everything and just display a “idiot” light to tell you something is working or not.

Now if you are like me and other car enthusiast out there, I would rather prefer everything laid out in front of me to decide what is crucial to me and my operation of my vehicle. Companies like DEFI, Greddy, AEM, Innovate and etc, all have been in the fore front of bringing us aftermarket gauges in various shapes and forms throughout the years. We are use to seeing big and small analog and digital gauges that clutter all over the dash. All those gauges usually tells people that you are serious about keeping your car in tip top shape either for racing or just increasing your rep points at shows. No matter how you choose to display them, they all come down to one big question “how do I place it on my dash so I can properly view it?”

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Product Spotlight: KEY!S Racing Steering Wheels

KEY!S Racing steering wheels are back in stock at TF-Works!

A new model that arrived in this shipment is the FR-S/BRZ-specific steering wheel from KEY!S, which utilizes the OEM airbag. The wheel is technically suited for the JDM chassis because the splines on the steering column are not the same as the USDM version. This results in the wheel being a few degrees off center, but with a quick alignment after install it can be straightened easily.

Check out the FR-S/BRZ-specific [right] and 325mm semi-deep [left] KEY!S Racing steering wheels installed:

We have limited quantities in stock so contact us directly soon to lock in an order for your favorite model from KEY!S Racing!

Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Exhaust Manifold

Newly developed parts keep streaming in for this great chassis, many of which are bolt-on components for the intake and exhaust sections.

Recently, we received a shipment of Tomei Expreme exhaust manifolds for the ZC6/ZN6 application in two versions: equal length and unequal length. Both designs have their own purpose and more information on them can be found here.

A customer came in today for a Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold (BRZ/FR-S) #412002 install.

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Product Spotlight: TF-Works Shift Knobs

We are now carrying Nismo style shift knobs in Nismo inspired colors. These are bigger than the regular Nismo knobs by 5mm (Nismo is 45mm and TF is 50mm), but they retain the same thread pitch (10×1.25)

Midnight Purple, Nismo Red, Nismo Gray, Nismo Navy.

Give sales a call or email if interested!

Product Spotlight: Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold

Tomei has been making exhaust manifolds for a long time and they have dialed in what works for every application. They recently came out with two manifold designs for the the FR-S/BRZ chassis, equal and unequal length, both of which are in stock and available now at TF-Works!

Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Equal Length (BRZ/FR-S) #412002:

Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Unequal Length (BRZ/FR-S) #412003:

Equal length: more overall power increase and sounds less like the classic boxer
Unequal length: slight low end power increase and a greater boxer rumble

Contact us directly with any inquiries, we’d be glad to help!

Product Spotlight: Recaro SR7 ASM IS-11

Recently, ASM and Recaro came together to make a series of limited edition seats. The SR7 seats are produced specifically for ASM by Recaro. This seat is different from the base Recaro seat by having non-slip material on the shoulder section and the red double stitching.

Since this is a limited edition seat, there are only 200 of them worldwide.

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Product Spotlight: Rocket Bunny 86 Ver.3 Wing

Rocket Bunny is all the buzz nowadays along side the FR-S/BRZ chassis. There is a constant flow of aftermarket support for these cars and it’s great seeing different innovations and designs surfacing. One of the products that will become more readily is the Rocket Bunny 86 aero ver.3.

Unlike the previous two versions, this is the most sleek and simple. The ver.3 wing embodies the subtle curvature of the car, while still keeping its aggressive, bold signature which Rocket Bunny is known for.

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Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms

The FR-S & BRZ has been receiving a great amount of support in aftermarket upgrades. Based on the car’s heritage and its intended purpose, purpose driven parts that will improve the car are readily available for the chassis.

One of the best things to do is to upgrade the stock strut and spring combo with a set of coilovers. STANCE has that department covered with a few different models available. However, there is a great upgrade that works great when coupled with STANCE coilovers and that is the rear lower control arms. Along with the arms, another necessary part to a lowered FR-S/BRZ are SPL toe arms.

(OEM LCAs on the left and STANCE LCAs/SPL toe arms on the right)
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TF's Limited Edittion NT03's

Check out Clive’s  HOT Evo6 rocking our limited edition 18×9.5+27 NT03’s.  This isn’t just your average Evo6 of course one can assume that by just taking a glace at the massive 265/35/18 Toyo R888.  Clive hand built most of the car out of his own garage at home.  The car is making a very impressive 770+bhp/650lbs/ft, by way of a fully built motor with a Garrett T04Z  and tuned with a Motec M48pro.  Be sure to check out Clive’s build thread for a more complete run down on the car. Evo 6 Trackcar Build

With the high demand of these wheels we have decided release another limited run of these wheels.  Contact us for more info at 847-290-1533 or email us at

HJC Rubbertone aka Ninja gear

HJC Motorsports released their new line of Black Rubbertone, only before available on their SI-12 models is now an option for their AR-10. Come by and check them out!

Safety equipment and basic racing essentials

Touge Factory now offers Safety equipment so you can protect your most valuable investment, yourself!

Safety products ranging from helmets, fire extinguishers, steering quick releases.
We also carry important essentials such as fluids, and racers tape for quick repairs.


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SR20 stuffs

Not many people know we can get just about any OEM SR20 part..odd huh?Well no more will this problem exist! We have just added a plethora of Nissan OEM parts for your SR20. Perfect for your complete tear down or just a refresh of a few old items here and there!

To start looking, just check out our page!

Water Neck Water temp Sensor – Pimp status!

Don’t want to hack up your nice Samco hose to put in that ugly temp sensor adaptor? Need extra hole for that water expansion tank? Don’t want to clutter up your engine bay with the temp sensor line going across the bay?

We thought the same and made these awesome adaptor to go between your water neck and the block. These are made in USA using the highest quality materials. These only work with RWD SR20DET engines. S13 and S14, OK!!

Click Here to order

NEW Car stop shops!

We just got done doing out new car stops!

New parts for Evo/STI/Miata/AE86/350Z/RX7

As always, if you don’t see what you want, call!

Cosworth releases high performance head gaskets

Any company that is able to manufacture a 3.6L V10 engine that revs out to over 20,000RPM in house, must know a thing or two about motors. Cosworth has been building some the world’s fastest and most winning engines for over 50 years. Just the name “Cosworth”, conjures up thoughts of the Williams F1 car screaming around Silverstone, and Petter Solberg speeding through Monte Carlo in his WRC Subaru. More professional race teams use Cosworth engines than any other manufacturer.

Touge Factory is happy to bring you a line of Cosworth engine parts for your personal vehicle. The demand for precisely engineered race parts for use by the common motor sport enthusiast has risen, and Cosworth has stepped up to the challenge. Using their unlimited amount of resources, Cosworth engineers have produced a line of top notch parts for a wide array of vehicles.

The most exciting new product is the multi-layer metal head gasket. The Cosworth brand head gaskets are manufactured using a die cut process. Die cut head gaskets are far superior to the average laser cut head gasket. The die cut process ensures smooth edges and superior consistency compared to laser cut gaskets. These three-layer, steel head gaskets come in a variety of thicknesses to fit any specific application you may have. The gaskets also feature a “stopper” sealing layer for additional torque around each cylinder. Cosworth has also done the research to find the specific width of each sealing area to provide the ultimate sealing properties. The entire surface is coated with a 0.25 micron layer of nitrile rubber to ensure consistent distribution of coating with no high or low areas. This head gasket is made to last.

We all love to drive, and using Cosworth parts will help make sure you’re not stuck in the pits with a broken car. Touge Factory has an assortment of the Cosworth multi-layer head gaskets in stock. Call 847.290.1531 or check out Touge Factory for more info.

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