Event: Final Bout III

This past weekend marked an important point in the drifting culture in America  as the third Final Bout event took place in Shawano, Wisconsin. The Final Bout events have always been about the more stylish side of drifting which is shown in both style of the cars as well as driving style. During the driver’s meeting on Saturday morning, it was announced that this would be the last Final Bout event. We have had the pleasure to support the Final Bout series since its conception in 2014, and are thankful to have met many of you guys (and gals) through this great event! As bummed as we are about the end of the Final Bout legacy, it didn’t hold us back from enjoying the 2 day event and snapping a TON of photos (literally, what are we going to do with all of these?)! Saturday morning was greeted with a nice cloud coverage which soon turned into a torrential downpour before the competition was scheduled to start. Once it started drying up, competition started and after the winners were announced there was a short dinner break and then the night drifting ensued until 11PM! Sunday was a more relaxed vibe, with the stress of competition over with and the weather more favorable, everyone was on track getting up close and personal with follow drivers from all across the continent. I’ll get right to the photos, a handful of them are pulled out for just a teaser but the link to the full album on Flickr is at the end of the post!


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Event: AutoMass 2017 + GridLife Track Battle Rd. 3

This past weekend was the fourth AUTOMASS event, this time help at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois! The track is amazing for grip driving and drifting, this event featured both of those on the South course on Sunday, as well as North & Full course time attack with drifting on the skidpad on Saturday. Sunday also featured a car show portion which will be featured in a separate blog post. Here are a handful of photos from the event below:
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Event: TF-Works Nissan Meet 2017

This past Saturday we held our annual Nissan car meet here at TF! Thanks to everyone for coming out, we had a HUGE turnout of Nissans, Infinitis as well as some non Nissans (Chob!). Check out a few of the photos from the meet below:



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Event: GRIDLIFE Midwest 2017

Last weekend we ventured out to South Haven, Michigan for the GRIDLIFE Midwest festival, featuring time attack, HPDE, drifting as well as live music! We brought out our LS S13 with its new look and also the K24 powered AE86 we built in house for its on track debut. We snapped a TON of photos during the weekend, and managed to trim down 3300+ photos to 101 for our Flickr highlights album. Apologies if your car was missed on track, there were over 150 cars on track and it was very hot.

Simba’s SR22 powered Silvia

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Event: TF-Works S2000 Meet 2017

We kicked off 2017 with an S2000 meet to welcome this popular platform and other track prepped Honda’s to our doorstep. There was a great turnout, the weather could not have been more perfect, check out all of our photos from this event by clicking the Flickr link below!


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Event: WEKFEST Chicago 2017

For the first time since 2010, Wekfest returns to downtown Chicago for their showcase event! Wekfest travels around the world hosting car meets in which each car has to go through a prior approval process to ensure the show remains of the highest quality. We were invited to be one of the vendor booths for the event, so we brought out one of our shop cars and had several customer cars to represent TF!


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Event: Super D Matsuri 2016 feat. Naoki Nakamura

As the drifting season comes to a close here in the Midwest and the temperature starts to fall, we ventured out to sunny California for Super D Matsuri at Grange Motor Circuit! We worked with our friends over at Drift Team Animal Style with this crazy idea to bring Naoki Nakamura, one of the most stylish and exciting drifters in the world, to the US for an event. With hard work from the stateside team planning and help from Stacked Inc., Wolfreign Motors, and all of the event sponsors, the event took shape and one of Naoki’s freshly painted shells was en route to to the USA.


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Event: Club FR Jam

We ventured back up north to Shawano, Wisconsin for Club FR Jam at USAIR! This is the track where Final Bout and Final Bout II were held, as well as where Club FR hosts its D-Day events. Unlike any previous event however, drifting was allowed during the night time hours thanks to a lenient track owner and the addition of lights to illuminate the intermediate course section! We originally went out to the event to help staff (and drive some) but we managed to snap a few photos of the event  as well. Enjoy!


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Final Bout: Special Stage Central – Part 1

We saw the return of the Final Bout crowd at USAIR this past weekend for the Special Stage Central event! Some of the cars from the previous event at PARC came out to the track from the West Coast, but the point of these events being split into three is to make the traveling aspect a bit less harsh for teams that travel from the complete opposite side of the country, and to sort of qualify to be invited to the Final Bout main event next summer.



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Event: Pizza Bout

Pre Final Bout festivities have been a thing at TF since the first Final Bout. Drivers from around the country were heading to the event, and TF acted as a pit stop of sorts. This year, rather than have one single Final Bout event during the summer, the guys behind the operation decided to hold three different events across the country in three parts (West, Central, East), dubbed “Special Stage”. Special Stage West was out in Portland Oregon at Pat’s Acre Racing Complex, and Central was to be held at the familiar USAIR track up in Shawano Wisconsin. The event is this Saturday, so rather than just having the participants show up randomly throughout the week or throwing a small meet, we decided to give back to those that give so much to drifting and the scene itself with a pizza party.


Presenting, PIZZA BOUT.

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Event: GridLife Round 2 – Track Battle & Drift

For the second year in a row, GridLife Track Battle returns to Autobahn Country Club! The track is beautiful, with three different layouts available to run; North, South, and Full. Saturday was dedicated to Time Attack and other track activities, while Sunday added a drifting demo in as well as a change of course running.


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Event: GridLife Midwest

This past weekend we ventured out to Gingerman Raceway for the GridLife Midwest event! It was an event unlike any other, featuring drifting, time attack, music festival, vendors and more! The weekend was a massive success and we cannot wait until the next GridLife in Road Atlanta at the end of the summer! We brought out the TF 5.0 Mustang as well as the Time Attack S14 to participate in the road racing aspect of the event to test out new aero on the S14 and shake down the cars.


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Event: Final Bout – Special Stage West (Part 1)

We ventured out to Portland, Oregon for the first instillment of this year’s Final Bout Special Stage series! The event took place at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex, a track originally for karting but has grown to be a local favorite for drifting due to its tight technical turns and hairpins and overall fun! It is also a very scenic track and photographs really well, check out some of our photos from the event in Part 1 of our Final Bout coverage!

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Wekfest Chicago 2016


Wekfest USA returned to the Chicago area for the first time in over 5 years, and here is the result!
Tons of quality cars came out of the woodwork and from coast to coast to show what they have been up to this winter. Many over the top builds were present, some familiar cars with a few updates, and some classics. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the TF booth and said hi, enjoy a few photos and the gallery from some of the cars of Wekfest!

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Black Friday at TF-Works

On a chilly Friday morning following Thanksgiving, a gathering of local car enthusiasts started gathering at the front door of TF-Works. Customers from many of the neighboring towns came to TF as early as 1 a.m. to take advantage of the serious price cuts on just about everything. While in line, you could hear the good spirits of everyone in the car community and speculation regarding what the best deals were, and what was everyone’s plan for the 2015 car season.

We rounded up some of the early birds for a small family photo

As you were walking in, this is what you would see. Anything you would need and want to start, continue, or finish your build was here
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Event: Final Bout Part 3

Part 1 Click Here.
Part 2 Click Here.

With the first day of drifting in the books, the drivers were pretty well adjusted to the track and it was time for the competition! The bleachers were packed and everyone was excited for the action to start. After a short practice period and parade lap in the morning, each team was allowed two scored runs with the four highest scoring teams advancing on to the final four.

Seeing all of the cars lined up by team and ready to go at the starting grid was amazing. It was finally here; Final Bout was here. Months of preparation all came down to this day. Every team had one thing in mind: make this weekend the most memorable one.

The first team was up. Everyone was excited yet nervous when the sound of high revs and spinning tires filled the air. They were off!

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Event: Final Bout Part 2

As the drivers from out of town started to become more familiar with the track and each other, the rain continued to come down intermittently throughout the day. Due to the erratic weather and a schedule running longer than anticipated, the event organizers from ClubFR decided to postpone the competition till Sunday. This came as good news allowing the drivers to continue to practice their tandem trains in what would be the judging section, and edging closer and closer to USAIR’s latest edition: the K-Rail.

Here we see some of the drivers gearing up for another practice run at the starting line.

The way Animal Style made tandems on a foreign track look like a breeze wowed both spectators and drivers alike!

Team Breaking came with new NASCAR themed vinyl schemes and put in solid runs throughout the day.

The Bosstown drivers getting familiar with the wall in this shot; they and many other drivers were clipping it all weekend.
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Event: Final Bout Part 1

Final Bout has been a long time coming. Since I first heard about it a few months ago, I knew that this invitation only event would be an epic representation of drifting and style… and how fast someone can slap together a car. Once the list of the attending teams was posted, the excitement was real. I even started a countdown to when all of the rad cars you only see online would all be in one location for a few days.

When I arrived at the track, the two seemingly never-ending pit lanes amazed me. Each featuring some of the best cars that USA and Canada had to offer. I didn’t even know where to start taking pictures. Everything was just too awesome! Walking around the pit, I was impressed with all the hard work everyone put in for the event. There were cars present that I’ve never seen before, and I’ve been on the Internet so I have a decent idea of what’s out there. A few teams debuted their cars at this event and that made everything seem so surreal. Sure, to the regular onlooker a car could have looked like a 240 with bad suspension, messed up alignment, misaligned body panels, and a plethora of stickers, but to everyone who was at Final Bout that 240 was the shit …probably.

From this point, I knew the weekend would be one to remember. As I looked around I noticed everyone was smiling, laughing, and getting to know one another. This event felt like a family reunion. Everyone was there; media people, spectators, drivers, social media car celebrities, eFamous divas, and those who had that one cool car but you didn’t know who drove it.

However, none of this could be possible if it wasn’t for the organizers. ClubFR teamed up with some judges, who ventured from Japan, sponsors, and USAIR to create an amazing event. As you’re reading this, you might be thinking who actually is talking to you… Maybe… The article is by I, the new TF intern who goes by Darian. The photos are taken by Nick and myself. We hope you enjoy the coverage!

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TF BBQ 2010

We want to thank everyone for coming out to the Touge Factory BBQ 2010. It truly was a great turnout with an atmosphere couldn’t have been better.  This year’s event was one of the biggest events we’ve had!  Check out the gallery:

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Touge Factory @ WMHM10

A couple weeks ago, a few of the guys over here at Touge Factory headed out to Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI for the tenth annual West Michigan Honda Meet. The event — which welcomed all car makes to participate — was very well organized.  Even with such a large scale turnout, all the drivers had a healthy share of track time with as many as eleven 15-20min sessions over the two days. Read more

TF at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

A couple of weeks ago we took the short trip out to Blackhawk Farms Raceway for round 5 of the MCSCC high speed autocross.  We brought out Dave’s Evo X, Mike’s S14, Scott’s/Earl’s NA, and the TF Works/STANCE sponsered time attack Evo 8 driven by Trent.   A couple other local follow racers also came out, Michio in his DC2 and Alex in his S14.  While Mike’s and Alex’s day didn’t turn out as hope, with Mike having cooling issues and Alex catching the rod knock plague, the others did very well considering the compition.  Dave, Scott, Trent, and Michio all took second in their respective classes.  Big thanks to Nick from CrazuKnights for the pictures and be sure to check out their blog for more pictures.

Formula D Pro Am Nationals

This past weekend was the Formula D Pro Am Nationals events where the top amateurs from across the country came out to battle it out for licenses to drive in the Formula D 2008 Season. The event was in Laughlin, NV, just an hour away from Las Vegas. Drivers came out from California, Texas, the midwest, and as far as the east coast.

Drivers were split into regions, each region having thier own Series to compete in to determine its top drivers. Touge Factory has been supporting ClubFR and the Midwest Cup Series for the North region of the US Drift Association. Last years nationals boasted of California Love with the majority of the entrants coming from California and all the top finishers all hailing from California. However this year the Midwest brought out 8 drivers. Rob Riter – IL, Simba Nyemba – IL, Juan Marquez – IL, Brian Peter – WI, Ryan Clemens – MN, Mike Pollard – MN, Clinton Florczyk – IN, Chuck Litterest (Competed in East division) – MO.

A lot of people doubted the skill level of the Midwest’s group of drivers, not being on a coast a lot of attention has not been on these 8 drivers. When it came down to competition all of the drivers stepped up their game and amazed the crowd. For Saturdays competition 5 of the 8 drivers (Ryan could only compete on Sunday), qualified top 16. During the tandem rounds the midwest drivers kept their game up and gave everyone a heartfelt battle. In the end Rob Riter, an employee of Touge Factory, stood as number 1 on the stage. Rob driving his 99 Black Mazda Miata eliminated all the competition and took the championship in the Pro Am. Rob was awarded with his Formula D license and a trophy filled with Jaeger (It wasn’t even cold! -Rob).

On Sunday all the drivers from the top 16 and the 0 point Formula D drivers got to battle it out for another chance at getting licenses. This time qualifying in the top 16 was 3 of 5 drivers from the midwest. Brian Peter in his S13 silvia from Wisconsin ended up taking second place, losing to Forest Wang in the final battle. The Formula D judges awarded all the top 16 with licesnes after seeing how good all of the drivers were.In the end 4 of the 8 drivers that came down to Laughlin got their licesnes. Those drivers include Rob Riter, Brian Peter, Ryan Clemens, and Chuck Litterst.

Congratulations to all the drivers from the Midwest, and all the other drivers at the Pro Am Nationals. Keep an eye out for all these amateurs as they join the pros and compete in the upcoming 2008 Formula D Season.

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