Seat Test Review: Sparco Circuit II & Bride VIOS III

We receive a TON of inquires regarding sizing on different seat brands and models every week to our email and on forums, so we’ve decided to launch a new part of the TF Blog called the Seat Test Review dedicated strictly to us testing out how different seats fit and feel! The tests we perform here could vary from actual installs on each seat (for example, if one of the employees has the same model in their personal vehicle or has had personal experience with it in the past) or simply just a test in the showroom/studio. Here are the first testaments from two of our employees,  Steven and Devin, who have different body types and builds from each other so we can have some varying opinions on the way the seats fit. Our first 2 up for review are the Sparco Circuit II and Bride VIOS III.

Steven is 5’5 and 130lbs, with a waist of 29-30. He has a small frame build, and is slim.

Devin is 5’10 and 215lbs, with a  waist size 36-37. He has a larger frame build with more to love (Sorry Devin <3) and has larger thighs.

Each person will be commenting on each seat for its support and comfort for the thigh area, waist, and shoulder area.

First up is the Sparco Circuit II (Check it out HERE on


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