Service: EVO X AYC Pump Relocation

In the recent years, EVO X owners have begun experiencing a problem with their ACD/AYC pump. This pump is in charge of the center differential and yaw control. It basically controls your torque, and acts like a limited slip, on its own. The pump tries to give the best acceleration by directing power to the wheels with the most grip. So it adds power to the wheels in grip and reduces power in the wheels lacking grip. If you were to choose to increase the AYC settings, you would notice more power in the rear, and vice versa if you decrease the settings.

However, cars located in climates that experience harsh winters, like the US Midwest and Europe, have had this pump fail on them. The pump rusts away from the inside and holes emerge in the casting of the unit. Weather and corrosion seem to contribute to the problem, but a concrete cause is not yet found. There are EVO X owners all over the world who do not experience this weather, and the problem for them is not as frequent.

The problem arises when it comes to replace the part. Mitsubishi does not cover this under the warranty, and the part costs over $2000 new. This pump is located in the back under the passenger side trunk. TFWorks has devised a solution by relocating a working pump into the trunk. The purpose of this is to hopefully prolong the life of the pumps. Since the inside of the car does not experience the same kind of exposure to elements as the outside, this solution seems to be working.

Below are some pictures of the pump and solution.

Here we have the old, rusted unit.
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Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms

The FR-S & BRZ has been receiving a great amount of support in aftermarket upgrades. Based on the car’s heritage and its intended purpose, purpose driven parts that will improve the car are readily available for the chassis.

One of the best things to do is to upgrade the stock strut and spring combo with a set of coilovers. STANCE has that department covered with a few different models available. However, there is a great upgrade that works great when coupled with STANCE coilovers and that is the rear lower control arms. Along with the arms, another necessary part to a lowered FR-S/BRZ are SPL toe arms.

(OEM LCAs on the left and STANCE LCAs/SPL toe arms on the right)
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Ever wonder what coilover systems top professional drivers use in Japan?

In the latest issue of Drift tengoku magazine, they took the top 5 D1 driver’s coilovers and put them on the dyno.
We have the top 4 coilovers in the order they were listed, 1st place being DG-5 and 5th being D-max, all the cars were S13. 4th place was taken out as it was for a WRX. We plotted Stance Gr+ to see how it compares.
Check out the similar plot of 2 champion creating systems, Stance and DG-5.

Need Powdercoating?

If you’re in IL area and need powder coating service, look no further. CM Werks can powder coat your valve cover, wheels, manifolds, suspension arms, subframes….you name it. Powder coating has many advantages over paint. It is much more durable than paint and is scratch resistant. In some cases it is also more affordable. Because the powder adheres to the surface before it is cured, every hole and crevices get protected. You can even get Candy colors, textures just like paint. Call CM werks to get a quote, Please tell them Touge Factory sent you to get a great price!

CM Werks 1-630-455-5589

Check out these Kandy red and blue they just did!

Camber, Toe, Caster – For Dummies

We get a lot of people asking about proper alignment setting. While this is one of those factors that are different driver to driver, here are a few good tips to get started:

Neglecting to get an alignment or improper alignment can hurt performance and make driving un-fun. This will be very basic explanation of different settings ( recommended race settings are for a rear wheel drive car, 240sx etc)

Camber – During cornering a tire will get maximum traction at negative camber due to body roll, tire roll, suspension travel. By adding stiffer coilovers you can minimize the movement and it will help keep the static settings. Fronts will see more load so more camber is recommended. Camber plates and adjustable rear upper control arm recommended. Good starting point – 3deg front/ 1.5 deg rear

Caster – Positive steering pivot angle helps with high speed stability, cornering response and helps straighten the steering when going forward. Generally speaking more caster is better. Too much caster will make the steering feel heavy. Excessive caster will add negative camber to the outside wheel during turning, altering static camber settings. Sometimes you will lose some steering angle. Adjustable tension rods recommended. Good starting point – 1-2 deg over stock setting.

Front: Toe in (not recommended) will help with straight line stability, encourages understeer. Toe out (advanced driver) will enhance turn-in response, encourages oversteer, too much will create bump steer and scrub. Good starting point – 0 toe or slight toe out

Rear: Toe in will help with stability under acceleration, good control at high speeds, encourages understeer
Toe out – (not recommended, advanced driver) Car will feel funny (4ws), hard to control under acceleration, very easy to go sideways. Good starting point – 0 toe or slight toe in

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