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TF at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

A couple of weeks ago we took the short trip out to Blackhawk Farms Raceway for round 5 of the MCSCC high speed autocross.  We brought out Dave’s Evo X, Mike’s S14, Scott’s/Earl’s NA, and the TF Works/STANCE sponsered time attack Evo 8 driven by Trent.   A couple other local follow racers also came out, Michio in his DC2 and Alex in his S14.  While Mike’s and Alex’s day didn’t turn out as hope, with Mike having cooling issues and Alex catching the rod knock plague, the others did very well considering the compition.  Dave, Scott, Trent, and Michio all took second in their respective classes.  Big thanks to Nick from CrazuKnights for the pictures and be sure to check out their blog for more pictures.

Got RG's ?

Redline Time Attack at Englishtown

On August 31, 2009 Our friends At 240sxmotoring.com and Dent Sport Garage set out on a weekend of racing at Englishtown NJ.

Ron Adams of Dsg/ Visual Assault/ Tomei/Stance Suspension systems ran in the Redline Time Attack event in Englishtown, NJ. He finished 6th place in the modified AWD class  with a lap time of 1:13.831 in his Subaru Ra spec Impreza.

Jeffrey Ricra from240sxMotoring.com/Stance Suspension systems won 1st place in the Unlimited RWD class. With a fastest lap of the day 1:12.821 in his S14.

Ramana Lagemann from Dernt Sport Garage/ Stance Syspension systems finished 3rd place in the Unlimited RWD class. With a fastest lap of 1:13.277.

PEEP the Freshness

Just got some fresh produce nardi wheels, volk lugnuts, JDM air fresheners

TF loves the Honda's

DBA 4000 wiper slot . If u want the best of the best for your type-R we got you. Also more honda part on the way so if u need anything come in and talk to the TF honda expert Jamie.


10lbs of GYROS that's all

Big thanks goes to Alex G. aka Ramm aka Megas for bringing the amazing gyros yesterday, all the TF employees really enjoyed them. Cant wait to eat this day in day out cause its just that good. Also if u down to try something different with your gyros get some salad mix, 1000 island sause, and relish into the mix thats the TF Dave Special.

Tf Mikes New look

After years n years of having the car lookin the same with the huge lipped vs Kf’s 18×9 -7 & 18×10.5 -17 Mike switched it up n added some concavity to his life. With a fresh ass set of Te’s 18×9.5 -13 & 18×10.5 -15. For aero he is rockin a custom origin front, sides & rear bumper, Dmax hood & front overs, Origin type II rear overs, and a custom wide mount origin wing. This car is one nasty GT styled drift car. Cant wait to see this thing drifting n scrapin the rear diffuser.


Touge Factory’s CAR MEET was SNICE, Good food, dope cars & nice people. Simba Nyemba “TF WOrks BBQ was a great way to check out some of the local cars that do more than just hard park. Great group of cars, people, and kalbi, who doesn’t love kalbi. Meats are greater than meets.” For more pic’s peep aj’s (ILL PHOTO) <a href=”http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z291/ajgillett/TF%20BBQ/?albumview=slideshow”>

New stance promo videos

Check out these short lil clips of Forest Wang and Stephan Verdier on Stance Suspension Systems. Both of these cars are killin it in Formula D & D1. Good luck to them for the rest of the year & also to Stance suspension systems for making winning coilovers.

Win a FREE alignment and corner balancing from TF Works

Hi Guys,

We’re giving away a free race alignment & Corner balance to a lucky winner! To qualify, you just need to have a running car and height adjustable coilovers.

Email your Name, Phone #, Car model to WIN@tougefactory.com

We will draw the winner on 8/10!

In the mean time we’re having a summer special flat rate of $250 for race alignment & corner balance! We have a ASE master technician with years of alignment experience on all types of cars. We can recommend setups for road racing, street, drift, and even drag racing. Our setup was developed with the help with the same company that builds alignment ramps for IndyCars.

Please contact us to book your appointment.

Thank you!

2446 E Oakton St
Arlington Heights, IL 60005


Limited! 18×9.5 +38 Enkei RPF-1 in Special Brilliant Coating for 5×100 PCD!

For all you Subaru dudes who don’t own an STi or have a 5×114.3 conversion. We FEEL for you!

We now carry Enkei RPF-1 in 5×100 – 18×9.5 +38 (HELLAFLUSH fitment on stock metal) with black valve stem caps. Only 15 sets will be made, so once these are gone, they’re gone. I’m sure you guys know how hard it is to get a legit wheel, in good size for 5×100, so here’s your chance. Ultra light, super strong.
**NOTE** Brembos will need a 5mm spacer to clear the brakes

Touge Factory – License Plate Frames!

We just got these cool pieces in. Check them out!

Version:Select VII CT9A

New aero debut!

V:S VII Front Bumper / V:S VII Side Skirt / JDM Rear bumper / Carbon Fiber Voltex diffuser

HJC Rubbertone aka Ninja gear

HJC Motorsports released their new line of Black Rubbertone, only before available on their SI-12 models is now an option for their AR-10. Come by and check them out!

Crab Z Sled

Touge Factory is a great place to drop by and show off the fresh whip!
Over the weekend, Crab brought his Z31 over. What a sight to see, I don’t have any pictures of
the interior, but it was the coolest interior i’ve ever seen. Straight out of a fighter cockpit.

Check out the exterior shots!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Grip Gambler action for 2009

OS Giken – Choose the best!

Hello all,
Here is an electronic copy of the diff shootout article done by Grassroots Motorsports, in the Feb 09 issue:
As expected, the OS unit outperformed the competition hands-down. On such a short track, 0.36 sec faster vs. the stock Torsen is a very noticeable improvement. The only drawback listed is the higher pricetag of the OS unit. However, some things that were not mentioned in the article:

The OS Superlock requires no break-in period. Why do other clutch-type LSD’s require the user to do figure 8’s after installing their product? It’s because the level of precision in the manufacturing process is not kept at a high tolerance, and doing figure 8’s is supposed to help the disks seat properly, etc. The OS SuperLock, however, is precision made within extremely tight tolerances and using the finest manufacturing processes available, so everything fits the way it’s designed to straight from the factory. This, combined with a better design, heat-treated materials, raw-forged gears, more disks, etc. give the OS SuperLock a clear-cut advantage in performance and durability!
The OS Superlock lasts a very, very, very long time. In fact, since the product hit the market 8 years ago, there has not been a case of a production unit coming back to OS in need of a rebuild. How is this possible? Consider the reason why other LSD’s require a rebuild after repeated usage. The differential has moving parts, which create heat, which breaks down the oil, stresses components, etc. Combined with cost-saving manufacturing processes and an outdated design, it is no surprise that a rebuild is necessary often, if not after every race. On the other hand, the OS SuperLock has up to twice as many plates on a superior design, using heat-treated materials, etc. The end result is that the OS unit is capable of true 100% lock: when the unit is locked, it is not in a state of friction, meaning it is not creating heat. And the heat that is created under partial-lock conditions is tolerated because the parts used are of higher quality. As long as the diff oil is changed at the recommended intervals (1st change after about 3000 miles, then once every 10-15,000 miles after that) then it is safe to say that the SuperLock will be the last thing you need to worry about breaking on the car.

Beef flavored chew, Protein Gum, Beer Candy!?

Our friend Rob at RoadsterDrift came by to visit from Japan!

He brought some interesting snacks along with him…

Every day expierence at Touge Factory….

Our goody corner filled with dope wheels, and interior products.
Everything from Volk Racing, SSR , OMP . Project Kics , and more!

Every day we have customers and friends of  Touge Factory making it a relaxed environment while you shop and browse for parts.

Stop by and visit our showroom!

Touge Factory
1201 Busse Hwy
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Hyundai Genesis Coupe – The new "Silvia" ??

McPherson front, 5 link rear suspension. 2.0 L turbo FR layout. Torsen Diff. Brembos For Mid 20k ?  Nice!

AVID Racing Billet Aluminum Motor/Trans Mounts for 240SX/EVO!

Touge Factory now carries Avid Racing motor and transmission mount packages for your S13/S14/S15 and EVO 8/9 applications.

They are CNC machined from high grade ALCOA 6061-T6 billet aluminum, precise CAM/CAD designed. These engine mounts also increase shifter feel, especially during high rpm shifting and puts the power to the wheels where it belongs. They are a must for any engine upgrade, swap or if your just wanting unwanted movement in your motor or transmission.

Nissan 240SX/SILVIA
KA24DE/SR20DET Engine and Transmission Mount

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Touge Factory Exclusive – Matte Black NT03 +M in 18×9.5 +27

Touge Factory has teamed up with Enkei Japan to make this strong, light concave wheel. Limited Edition to 15 Sets Only worldwide!

Matte Black NT03 +M in 18×9.5 +27 only!
These are #1/15 , So don’t sleep on these. Once they are gone, they are gone!

Pick yours up at Touge Factory today!
1201 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Contact Info:PH 847.290.1531

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Safety equipment and basic racing essentials

Touge Factory now offers Safety equipment so you can protect your most valuable investment, yourself!

Safety products ranging from helmets, fire extinguishers, steering quick releases.
We also carry important essentials such as fluids, and racers tape for quick repairs.


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Formula D Pro Am Nationals

This past weekend was the Formula D Pro Am Nationals events where the top amateurs from across the country came out to battle it out for licenses to drive in the Formula D 2008 Season. The event was in Laughlin, NV, just an hour away from Las Vegas. Drivers came out from California, Texas, the midwest, and as far as the east coast.

Drivers were split into regions, each region having thier own Series to compete in to determine its top drivers. Touge Factory has been supporting ClubFR and the Midwest Cup Series for the North region of the US Drift Association. Last years nationals boasted of California Love with the majority of the entrants coming from California and all the top finishers all hailing from California. However this year the Midwest brought out 8 drivers. Rob Riter – IL, Simba Nyemba – IL, Juan Marquez – IL, Brian Peter – WI, Ryan Clemens – MN, Mike Pollard – MN, Clinton Florczyk – IN, Chuck Litterest (Competed in East division) – MO.

A lot of people doubted the skill level of the Midwest’s group of drivers, not being on a coast a lot of attention has not been on these 8 drivers. When it came down to competition all of the drivers stepped up their game and amazed the crowd. For Saturdays competition 5 of the 8 drivers (Ryan could only compete on Sunday), qualified top 16. During the tandem rounds the midwest drivers kept their game up and gave everyone a heartfelt battle. In the end Rob Riter, an employee of Touge Factory, stood as number 1 on the stage. Rob driving his 99 Black Mazda Miata eliminated all the competition and took the championship in the Pro Am. Rob was awarded with his Formula D license and a trophy filled with Jaeger (It wasn’t even cold! -Rob).

On Sunday all the drivers from the top 16 and the 0 point Formula D drivers got to battle it out for another chance at getting licenses. This time qualifying in the top 16 was 3 of 5 drivers from the midwest. Brian Peter in his S13 silvia from Wisconsin ended up taking second place, losing to Forest Wang in the final battle. The Formula D judges awarded all the top 16 with licesnes after seeing how good all of the drivers were.In the end 4 of the 8 drivers that came down to Laughlin got their licesnes. Those drivers include Rob Riter, Brian Peter, Ryan Clemens, and Chuck Litterst.

Congratulations to all the drivers from the Midwest, and all the other drivers at the Pro Am Nationals. Keep an eye out for all these amateurs as they join the pros and compete in the upcoming 2008 Formula D Season.

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