New TAKATA Products!

TAKATA has improved the already very high quality line-up by adding more variety.
Everyone knows the quality of these harnesses, and now they add affordability without sacrificing quality!
The DRIFT series starting at $199…and the Race series with the black harness.

Takata also offers 4 point RACE Series harnesses. Unique to these products is the feature of ASM® (anti submarining mechanism) which is added to the right shoulder belt. ASM® activates whenever an impact of a critical level occurs releasing and extra two inches of webbing on the right shoulder – allowing enough upper torso rotation and thus helping to reduce the likelihood of submarining. In additional unique bendable stainless steel mount bracket for the lap belts allow for easy installation to factory seat belt mounting points.

The Takata Series of belts, manufactured by Takata Racing in Germany, are uniquely designed for safe installation in passenger cars with factory seats. The belts meet both FMVSS (US) & ECE (European) standards for “Street Legal” use. Both belts incorporate Takata ASM® technology and bendable stainless steel mounting hardware allowing installation to factory seat belt mounting points without effecting the operation of factory seat belts. Takata DRIFT belts set new standard style and safety of aftermarket, Street Legal belts. DRIFT belts come in both Takata Green and Black to match any interior scheme with style!

New Item Release! ~> TF Aluminum SR20DET Valve Cover Washer & Nut

Along with our current line up of high quality aluminum parts….
We now bring to you our newest item!
SR20DET VALVE COVER Washer & Nut set!!!!

These stylish aluminum washer and nuts are direct replacements for the OEM rubber washers and your mis-matching nuts.
CNC’d out of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, these nuts and washers will be able to keep your valve cover in place and look good at the same time!
Each washer was specifically designed with enough tolerance for heat expansion.
This is a great alternative to going OEM setup which can cost over $100.00

MSRP for S13 Valve Cover: $84.99
MSRP for S14/S15 Valve Cover: $94.99

Fluids…. Fluids…. Fluids….

It’s the start of the season for most… Time to get your weekend warrior or your fully purpose built race cars out of storage.

Time to change out the old fluids that’s been just sitting for months.

When it comes to cars, people have different motives and objectives, and you need to know what to put into your car based on these concepts.

There are many brands out there, and they all claim to be the best… Read more

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