TF Black Friday Sale

On Noverber 27th we held our massive black friday sale.  With people coming from all over state and even a good number of people coming from a few of our neighboring states, things did get a little tight to say the least.  Before the doors had even opened at noon we had cars lined up outside filled with people waiting to receive one of the 20 gift packs and donuts.  The gift packs were filled with everything from the newest TF hoodies, to stickers, to air fresheners.  Overall the day was a huge hit, filled with many happy faces and HUGE DISCOUNTS.  To anyone that wasn’t able to make it there is always next year ;). Read more

TF Annual Black Friday Sale!!!!!

On Nov. 27th 2009 we are having our annual Black Friday Sale.  We will only be open from 12pm -4pm central time, and will be working on a first come first serve basis but will trying our hardest to get everyone in. The phones may get jammed up so please keep trying until you get through. Read more

Big Thanks

The entire Touge Factory family would like to give big thanks to Russle at for showing his love for TF.

TF Biz 3

Royaly Purple

Check out the brand new never before seen SR48  purple lugnuts from Muteki, and join the ranks of royalty.

Dear tougefactory

I just wanted to let you know…
I have bought multiple items off of your company, and I just want to thank you for giving ebay such a great name. Its wholesalers like you that allow people like me to complete there dreams. Thank you so much for helping me with all the performance product I installed on my 240sx and I can finally say that after all this hard work and money I have put into it its finally completed. If it wasnt for you and your competitive prices combined with your excellent service I would still have a project unresolved.
Once again thank you again,
I may be your happiest customer.
Ill see you when my next project arrives.

– hyflyer06

The whole TF family would like to say a BIG thank you to Jeromy for his letter.  Its letter like this that keep things moving around here.

Goofygrin Evo X

Check out this daily driven auto-x killin Evo X by Sean aka Goofygrin out of Texas. The car is very basic with just bolt-ons and a custom set of SSD GR+ Pro STANCE’s.  When he isn’t rolling on his daily set of RPF1’s with massive stickies, he is racing on 275 A6 Hoosiers. All you Z06 drivers need to watch out for this car on the highway.


Check out the TF Works / STANCE sponsored Evo.

Some stats on the beast:

-2.3 4G63 sipping on E85 running a GT35R making around 750hp

-custom TF Works front splitter with a full dry carbon Speed World Challenge Viper rear diffuser


-fully aligned and corner balanced by TF Works

TF's Limited Edittion NT03's

Check out Clive’s  HOT Evo6 rocking our limited edition 18×9.5+27 NT03’s.  This isn’t just your average Evo6 of course one can assume that by just taking a glace at the massive 265/35/18 Toyo R888.  Clive hand built most of the car out of his own garage at home.  The car is making a very impressive 770+bhp/650lbs/ft, by way of a fully built motor with a Garrett T04Z  and tuned with a Motec M48pro.  Be sure to check out Clive’s build thread for a more complete run down on the car. Evo 6 Trackcar Build

With the high demand of these wheels we have decided release another limited run of these wheels.  Contact us for more info at 847-290-1533 or email us at

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