BRZ Testing


We got a chance to drive a BRZ. First impressions were good. Pretty roomy inside and nice supportive seats. The rear seats are good for carrying groceries, nothing more. Although this model was an auto, the trans shifted quick and firm. Intake noise was surprisingly loud, which was good, makes you want to keep your foot down. Read more

New 2011 Stance Suspension for Mazda Miata

Stance Suspension is always working to improve their products. For 2011, the NA/NB Miata’s rear coilover received some minor changes to improve clearance. The new design allows the eyelet to sit and have more clearance for Miata’s that are ultra low:

Water Neck Water temp Sensor – Pimp status!

Don’t want to hack up your nice Samco hose to put in that ugly temp sensor adaptor? Need extra hole for that water expansion tank? Don’t want to clutter up your engine bay with the temp sensor line going across the bay?

We thought the same and made these awesome adaptor to go between your water neck and the block. These are made in USA using the highest quality materials. These only work with RWD SR20DET engines. S13 and S14, OK!!

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Need Powdercoating?

If you’re in IL area and need powder coating service, look no further. CM Werks can powder coat your valve cover, wheels, manifolds, suspension arms, subframes….you name it. Powder coating has many advantages over paint. It is much more durable than paint and is scratch resistant. In some cases it is also more affordable. Because the powder adheres to the surface before it is cured, every hole and crevices get protected. You can even get Candy colors, textures just like paint. Call CM werks to get a quote, Please tell them Touge Factory sent you to get a great price!

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Check out these Kandy red and blue they just did!

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