AEM Cold Air Intake for EVO X!

AEM has just released their cold air induction box for the new Mitsubishi Evolution X 2.0L Mivec !!

AEM’s revolutionary DRYFLOW synthetic performance air filter; the first cleanable, reusable performance air filter that does not require oiling to filter and trap dirt and contaminants.

The largest power gains are 16.67 horsepower at 6,300 RPM and 17 lbs/ft of torque at 4,100 RPM !!

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Because driver’s know…

For 2008 all Touge Factory works cars will be running Dunlops. We are using the Direzza DZ101’s for drifting and Direzza Sport Z1 Star Specs for time attack. The DZ101’s have a nice stiff sidewall and get stickier as they warm up. They have very good response and good rain traction. They also stretch very nicely for those trying to fit aggressive offsets. Read more

Stealth is Key!


Limited Edition Hyper Black Enkei RPF-1s are now available in 18×9.5 +15 & 18×10.5 +15 sizing for wide fitment!

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Rotary Spark Plugs now availiable!

We now offer NGK BUR9EQ , 9 Heat Range. For boost up and fairly modded engines up to 400 hp!

Stay away from detonation by running trailings all around to make sure your 13B gets the spark it needs.

Standard spark plug socket is good to go, no need for special thin wall sockets.


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Product Updates

Summer has arrived! After letting the TF site and shopping cart sit on the backburner after a while, we have started updating. There’s a lot of new products being added so stay on the look out. Here’s a preview of things to come:




MOMO Pro Racer Boot

Bell BR-1

Where the F*ck is Rob?!?

Many customers and dealers who have gotten to know Rob are probably wondering where he’s been lately. Rob beat all the S13, S14, Z33, Evo, mustang’s at Laughlin pro licensing event, with his miata to become champion. Rob decided that his skill is too good so he decided to go to japan to conquer all the Touge courses and challenge Takumi Fujiwara. To fund his touge battle machine Rob is currently teaching English at JR high school during the day. Here is a latest project he just finished. Check out his perfect enunciation and speed which he delivers the english language. We can all agree that he’ll make us proud.


We’ve just added the full line of SPAL products! We use these fans on all our cars as main cooling and also on our oil coolers! You can see one of the Spal Oil cooler fans here on a Setrab Cooler in the front of our 180sx.


Tase me bro

In light of that kid getting tased at that John Kerry tased (YouTube “Don’t Tase Me Bro”) we remembered that our buddy JohnAMS stepped up like a man and volunteered to himself to get tased.

While all of us instantly burst out laughing, wait until the 36 second mark to hear Scott join in because he found it so funny he couldn’t breath.

At 42 seconds, John’s telling us what was happening with his butthole with his hand.

Ever wonder what coilover systems top professional drivers use in Japan?

In the latest issue of Drift tengoku magazine, they took the top 5 D1 driver’s coilovers and put them on the dyno.
We have the top 4 coilovers in the order they were listed, 1st place being DG-5 and 5th being D-max, all the cars were S13. 4th place was taken out as it was for a WRX. We plotted Stance Gr+ to see how it compares.
Check out the similar plot of 2 champion creating systems, Stance and DG-5.


Congo Dave brought us some good beer today, and even brought me a Delirium glass!

The Tripel has an awsome hoppy tatse and is a bit lighter tasting than Delirium but still has a great fruit aftertaste.

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