September 7, 2017 TFRyan

Event: Final Bout III

This past weekend marked an important point in the drifting culture in America  as the third Final Bout event took place in Shawano, Wisconsin. The Final Bout events have always been about the more stylish side of drifting which is shown in both style of the cars as well as driving style. During the driver’s meeting on Saturday morning, it was announced that this would be the last Final Bout event. We have had the pleasure to support the Final Bout series since its conception in 2014, and are thankful to have met many of you guys (and gals) through this great event! As bummed as we are about the end of the Final Bout legacy, it didn’t hold us back from enjoying the 2 day event and snapping a TON of photos (literally, what are we going to do with all of these?)! Saturday morning was greeted with a nice cloud coverage which soon turned into a torrential downpour before the competition was scheduled to start. Once it started drying up, competition started and after the winners were announced there was a short dinner break and then the night drifting ensued until 11PM! Sunday was a more relaxed vibe, with the stress of competition over with and the weather more favorable, everyone was on track getting up close and personal with follow drivers from all across the continent. I’ll get right to the photos, a handful of them are pulled out for just a teaser but the link to the full album on Flickr is at the end of the post!


RAL_1904 RAL_1950 RAL_2062 RAL_2076 RAL_2248 RAL_2308 RAL_2359 RAL_2411 RAL_2419 RAL_3248 RAL_3484 RAL_3773 RAL_3856 RAL_4042 RAL_4145 RAL_4247 RAL_4332 RAL_5052


The full album with over 500 photos can be found on our TF Flickr:


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