August 21, 2017 TFRyan

Project Update: TF Mustang STANCE XR3 3-Way Suspension Install

As far as platforms go, the S550 Mustang has been one of the best we have had the chance to work closely with, by far. It has potential in many facets of motorsport, and isn’t bad looking either! We have been pushing it more with time attack and road racing, but have managed to throw a drift day or two in the mix as well. Our latest addition to the TF Mustang is a set of custom valved XR3 3-way adjustable coilovers from STANCE Suspension USA. We originally tested STANCE’s single way adjustable coilover system for the Mustang last year, and we are eager to see the difference that more adjustability and control will give us over the chassis’ dynamics!



First things first, the previous suspension set up had to come off. You can see the brake duct kit we installed recently as well.


The biggest issue we came across with the install was fitting the external reservoir (that adjusts high speed compression and low speed compression) through the hole in the strut tower area. We took some measurements and widened the hole with a plasma cutter. This photo shows the aftermath, where we applied some protective primer to the raw metal area.


With the strut tower hole widened, we were all ready to go ahead installing the front coilovers!


Perfect fit 🙂


A bit of touch up paint and it will be almost unnoticeable after a wet-sand and buff around the area. This widening of the strut tower hole will also make camber adjustments from the top hat much easier.


Install is relatively straightforward for the OEM type rear suspension, where the strut and spring are separate from one another. I say relatively, because we ran into a small issue when trying to adjust the damping on the car while the car’s wheels and tires are still on: long story short you cannot. So we found a solution to the problem!  We were able to run a STANCE adjustment extension through to the interior by cutting a small hole in the wheel tub, allowing for easy adjustment while the car is on the ground.


The clicker adjuster on the inside, a bit of ingenuity goes a long way!


With the carpet installed, it will hardly be noticeable with the back seat up.


For the rear external reservoir, we found great locations on the car that gave us slack on the line, was symmetrical and easy to reach when the car had a wheel/tire on it and was on the ground. The only downfall of this location is that we had to remove a plastic piece that gave the rear bumper support and stability.


Our solution was to create two brackets to hold the bumper in its place no matter what speed the car was traveling at. This actually resulted in the bumper being even sturdier than when the OEM plastic piece was on initially.


View from the bottom, this wraps up our install blog of the XR3 on the TF Mustang! Check back on the TF Blog for more updates on the Mustang and other things here at TF, and thank you to StanceUSA for partnering with us on the Mustang build.

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