June 16, 2017 TFRyan

Product Highlight: Koyorad Pocket Radiator

Koyorad is pleased to introduce a Universal all-aluminum performance radiator to fit various sport compact applications.  The Koyorad Pocket Radiator was developed as a small yet highly efficient radiator to fit in the tightest of show car engine bays and in applications where hiding away various engine components, hoses, and wiring has become popular.  This radiator features: a 53mm two row, high density “Hyper” core for the ultimate in cooling efficiency from a relatively small radiator.


To further increase the cooling performance Koyorad developed this radiator with a crossflow design along with a dual pass “NFLO” partition which conveniently locates both the inlet and outlet on the same side of the radiator, resulting in a much cleaner installation.   Some other features include: two strong mounting tabs, two drain/bleeder plugs, and two 1/8 PT sensor ports which allow versatility in mounting, ease of bleeding of the cooling system during installation, as well as a way to monitor engine temperatures without needing to purchase sensor hose adapters.   Koyorad’s manufacturing quality, core technology, triple pressure testing, precision hand welds, reliability and uniformity are what have earned Koyorad their excellent reputation in performance cooling products worldwide.


  • High Density 53mm thick Hyper Core
  • Versatile mounting tabs
  • Design can be easily reversed or flipped
  • L24” x W9.5” (L30.5” including mounting tabs)
  • Two bleeder ports
  • Two 1/8 PT temperature sensor ports
  • Two Row Core
  • Dual pass “NFLO” partitions
  • Removable fan shrouds
  • Compatible with any 8 inch electric fan (not included)
  • High polished
  • Triple Pressure tested


Available for order now, estimated to arrive July 2017!

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