February 27, 2017 TFRyan

Seat Test Review: Bride Zeta III Type XL & Bride Stradia II

We receive a TON of inquires regarding sizing on different seat brands and models every week to our email and on forums, so we’ve decided to launch a new part of the TF Blog called the Seat Test Review dedicated strictly to us testing out how different seats fit and feel! The tests we perform here could vary from actual installs on each seat (for example, if one of the employees has the same model in their personal vehicle or has had personal experience with it in the past) or simply just a test in the showroom/studio. Two of our employees,  Steven and Devin, who have different body types and builds from each other will be sitting in each seat and commenting on the way the seats fit. Part 2 of our seat review kicks off with the Bride Zeta III Type XL and Stradia II.

Steven is 5’5 and 130lbs, with a waist of 29-30. He has a small frame build, and is slim.

Devin is 5’10 and 215lbs, with a  waist size 36-37. He has a larger frame build with more to love and has larger thighs.

Each person will be commenting on each seat for its support and comfort for the thigh area, waist, and shoulder area.

First up is the Bride ZETA III Type XL (Check that out HERE)


When Steven sat in the seat, he had plenty of room overall. The seat is the XL variation, so someone with a smaller frame build will fit no problem. He had room for his shoulders and waist and his legs fit in the seat length wise. Sometimes with these XL seats you can see the bottom of the seat being longer, but this one wasn’t too severe. The regular ZETA would be a better fit for Steven, but the Type XL is a good option for those people who share a seat with someone who is larger.

Devin fit in the seat perfectly, and had plenty of room for his thighs and shoulder, this is definitely a more larger frame friendly seat. He also commented on the shoulder bolsters and how they held him in nicely.

In conclusion, the regular ZETA would be a better fit for Steven, but the Type XL is a good option for those people who share a seat with someone who is larger. For those of you with Devin’s body type, consider the ZETA III Type XL as a viable option for a comfortable seat that will hold you in and fit comfortable. It’s available in both red and black and can be purchased from TF! Also consider the ZETA Type L if you’re in between Devin and Steven’s body types.

Next seat up for review is the Bride STRADIA II (Check that out HERE).


Devin could not fit in the seat couldn’t comment on any details.

When Steven sat in the seat, he said it fit him perfectly on the waist and shoulders and wasn’t too snug and was also extremely comfortable. The shoulder bolsters felt secure but not too intrusive, and the chosen regular padding option provided plenty of support. The harness holes fit him perfectly, above the shoulders but not too high, and definitely not too low.

This seat is solid option for people who want the convenience of a reclinable seat, while maintaining the comfort and holding capabilities that Bride is known for. This variation is perfect for those of you with Steven’s body type, even I fit in the seat perfectly coming in at a 30 waist, 5’9″, 170 lbs (this is definitely a favorite fit of mine next to the ZETA III). The STRADIA II is equipped with the LowMax seating position system to allow the driver to sit farther in and lower while using minimal space so fitting the seat in tighter cars is no problem. This seat fas a carbon aramid shell and aluminum frame for the reclining system which rivals the foldability


Check back on the TF Blog for more seat test reviews and to keep up with the builds we have going on!

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