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Project Update: R32 GTR – Part 3

We’ve been hoarding all of the photos from the R32 GTR build and figured now would be as good a time as ever to share them with you in this project update! This has been an extensive build process and we have documented a lot of it in these photographs throughout the past several months. When we left off last blog post, the car had its RB26 heart removed for disassembly and to be rebuilt for the power goals the customer had in mind.As the car sits now, it just needs a few more things buttoned up in the engine bay and the drivetrain for it to be ready to finally fire up for the first time.  Check out the extensive coverage below!



The least glamorous part of this build had to have been replacing the CV boots on the axles.


Bad CV boots with many many years of goop built up were bound to be a problem.


Looks delicious.


Cleaning up all of the internal components in the boot was the first step to making the axles good as new.


So much better! At least before we lather in new axle grease.


Driveshaft shop boots were a direct fit on the R32 axles.


Good as new!


We opted for the Tomei HICAS lock out kit, and pulled off all of the useless HICAS junk from under the car.


HICAS free!


We had to de-vein the HICAS pump as well so it wouldn’t build pressure.


More nitty-gritty work, replacing the bushings in the rear knuckles. All of the old OEM bushings were replaced with Energy Suspension bushings.


Stock suspension arms were swapped out for Stance USA arms with Aurora Bearings, the toughest bearings on the planet. Seriously, NASA uses these as bearings as well as the US Military. Badass.

Here are some of the products we are throwing on the car! We photographed them in the studio first before putting them on the car, if you have any inquires for any of the products used in the R32 build feel free to contact us sales@tougefactory.com.

Now for the fun part!


Few things are as pleasing to look at as a freshly decked block with new internals.


A Tomei oil pan baffle plate ensures that the oil pump won’t run dry when the car is taking a hard corner.


Head on the block, Tomei Poncams installed!


Originally, we sourced cams from the Mine’s Japan torque monster R34 GTR. These were super rare and discontinued cam shafts that, by luck, we were able to find. Unfortunately, shipping them to the US in a timely manner proved to be a problem and we ordered the famous Tomei Poncams to be sent out with the head to the machine shop. The Mine’s cams were backlogged 3 months, and that would have put the whole build process on a drastic hold. The Mine’s cams sold immediately when they landed stateside and went to a good home. <3


Brand new OEM Nissan engine components look so damn good. The silver matte aluminum gives a really bright and clean look. At least for now,once the car will be driven it will get dirty right away. Here our lead technician is installing the questionably shaped water pump assembly.


We swear by the ATI super damper on all of our engines. At certain speeds the vibrations from the engine and crankshaft sync resulting in resonance, which can cause crankshaft failure, which we do not want.


Those adjustable cam gears from Tomei looking really nice on the engine.


This is going to be a wild car once everything is said and done, and we cannot wait to hear how it sounds when it starts!


A Tomei fuel rail sits on the Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors. Powaaaa!


One of the Garrett GT2860RS waiting patiently.


SplitFire coil packs will ensure a consistent spark.


The cam gears look so good! They pop nicely against the color shifting blue of the front cover.


Twins Basil, twins! Ready to go on the engine.


There’s a reason why this engine has been heavily swayed towards everything Tomei, their quality and parts availability for this engine and platform are unmatched.


All bolted up and torqued on!


A couple of small additional AN fittings on the cold side of the engine…


…then it was time for the GTR to be reunited with its iron heart.


The front differential on this car is MASSIVE and is one of the keys to the GTR’s famous ATTESA AWD system.


Mechanical goodness.


With the engine dropped in the car, it was time to install the rest of the drivetrain components. A fresh Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate clutch was bolted up and is rated to be good for over 600 HP.


With the clutch still on, it was time for this big hoss of a transmission to be bolted back to the RB26.


A little bit of motivation and encouragement and the transmission settled right in.


Fresh DBA rotors and pads on the car to prepare for the power gain versus stock!


Nismo transmission mount installed on the transmission crossmember.


Cusco tension arms installed on the car!


R32 GTR Cusco front upper control arms on the car! Thanks to Jesse Streeter for helping us source these so quickly.


Cool Japanese mailing label! I may or may not have kept the one from MINE’S…


As well as the rear suspension arms, the car is also getting a set of XR2 2-way coilovers from Stance USA. Aluminum body, separate rebound damping and compression adjustment, Swift Springs, the works.


Titanium downpipe via our friends at MINE’S Japan and a 3.5″ titanium exhaust from Leask Spec!


Titanium looks so cool! This whole exhaust system weighs next to nothing as well. Science.


Abbey Road Company front mount intercooler on the car, waiting for the hot pipe and the cold pipe to be mocked up.


Leask-Spec intake/charge pipes for our twins! Looks so awesome sitting in the bay.


Standard gauge display, to be replaced with an even cooler R32 NISMO one before the build concludes!


More gauges to be replaced! We’re going for the clean OEM+ look for the interior so nothing too crazy is going on here.


ABS module. #ToBeDeleted Who needs ABS anyways?


Super fancy fuel filter for the R32, the car will be tuned on FlexFuel and is able to run corn juice as well.


Flex fuel sensor tucked away above the frame rail, safe and sound!

Thanks for checking out the next step in our R32 build, stay in touch with the TF blog for more updates on this project and all the other projects we have going on here in house at TF!

If you have any inquires regarding any of the products or services featured in the blog, feel free to contact us at sales@tougefactory.com!


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