May 20, 2016 TFRyan

Project Update: TF 5.0 Mustang Part 1

Our latest venture here at TF has been the new Ford Mustang (GT) with the 5.0L Coyote engine. Although we are more than comfortable with our standard 240s and other Import car projects, going outside of our comfort zone with this Mustang is proving to be a really rewarding process. Come on, who doesn’t love the easy power gains you can get from headers and a tune on these cars? Where as their 4 cylinder counterpart would take much much more for 70+ horsepower gains from simple comparable bolt-ons.


  You have to admit, Ford did something right with the design of this car. The tail lights are so cool!


You can tell as soon as you drive one or even sit in one that this car was more thought out then its predecessors.


The car came equipped with OEM-feeling Recaro seats, that have no problem holding a rear end in one place but also wouldn’t be too bad on long distance road trips.


6 Speed of course! Do you have to ask?


Right off the bat the car went straight on the lift to start the prototyping process for the new Stance Suspension coilover kit for S550.


These coilovers feature inverted monotube dampers on the front for extra strength and rigidity and a massive amount of  adjustability for both height and damping. Now we’re ready to start test fitting the wheels…


… Volk Racing TE37 Ultra’s! 20x 10.5 +22 to be exact, definitely a big wheel that can a big sticky tire.


We had an open ended guess on what the wheels choice would be but the decision ultimately went to the timeless (and badass!) TE37!


The bronze finish really pops against the silver of the Mustang.


The machined logo and trim on the wheels look great!



We went with Kooks 1 7/8″ Long tube stainless steel headers and then opted to ceramic coat them to better handle the heat.


Stock headers and cats about to be removed off the car car in favor of the new Kooks/Borla combination!


Power gains inbound.


Headers on and waiting for the Borla exhaust to be installed!


We chose what we thought wouldn’t be too loud but would still have a nice growl to it: Borla S-Type 3″ Catback


Exhaust is buttoned up 100%! The ground clearance on this kit is really great.


We opted for the full Goodridge stainless steel braided brake line kit to replace the OEM brake lines.


Our experience with Goodridge has always been positive, so it was a no brainer to keep using their product.


With the rear brake lines swapped out, it was time to swap out some bushings and mount the tires on the TE37s! After that, we  will be able to give the car a proper alignment and set her on the ground.


We went with the Whiteline transmission bushing in lieu of the softer OEM bushing


As well as the Energy Suspension shifter bushing. The red is the new one, and is made of a different, stronger rubber compound than the OEM black one. Notice also how the black OEM bushing is a weird shape with thinner areas around the bushing and the red Energy bushing is solid and all around tougher. It will last much longer than the sad OEM bushing without a doubt!


Will the TE37 ever get old? It’s such a beautiful wheel!


Cutting it close! But it doesn’t rub on the fender which wouldn’t be that big of surprise considering the Nitto NT05 is a massive 273/35!


But overall it does look damn good! With the RTR grille added it makes the car have a sleeker appeal.


Intake wise we chose the Steeda cold air intake kit for the 5.0 Mustang to allow for more airflow and increased horsepower/torque!


Size comparison for the main piping, OEM on the left and Steeda on the right. The Steeda kit retains the factory sound tube and cold air ducting, and also over 30 rwhp and 23 ft/lbs gain with a tune! We opted for the cold air intake kit that required a tune, but they also have an option available that is just bolt on and play.


The RTR grille allowed a direct passage for air to go in to the filter, vs. the stock grille that had the hole blocked off.


Before, with the stock airbox…


And after with the Steeda Intake installed!


Thanks for reading the first blog post on the TF 5.0 Mustang, be sure to check back for updates and check out some of the other projects we have going on here at TF that are featue 

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