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Project Update: Christine’s 280Z Part 3

“You can have any color that you want, so long as it’s black…”

So much has happened since the last blog post on the 280Z; intake manifold finalized, everything powder coated and ceramic coated, engine bay painted, etc. The car is coming together beautifully, and we can’t wait to show you the progress!


Once the intake manifold was mocked up on the engine, it was time to create bracket mounting points for the throttle body and for random vacuum lines.


For the throttle cable pulley/wheel assembly, our in house fabricator made a custom bracket to make an OEM SR20 throttle cable wheel work with our TF manifold.


Works perfectly!


A close up shot of some of the mounting points on the intake manifold before the manifold receives its ceramic coating.


Intercooler piping and turbo intake piping mocked up on the car!


Super clean and straight forward piping, it was thought out long before the manifold was even drafted up. It’s all about planning ahead in builds of this caliber, and it surely shows.



Christine wanted a new exhaust system that wasn’t too terribly loud but also had some growl to it.


Clearance? Say no more.


The rear end of the exhaust was ran up between the rear lower control arm and the differential and over the rear driver side axle..


And out of the rear! Looks very clean and OEM, Steve definitely went above and beyond with the exhaust on this car (among everything else).


The heart of the Z was removed to make it easier for engine bay prep-work.


Going to town in the engine bay, touching up spots of rust and mounting up brackets for the catch can, coolant overflow reservoir, and windshield wiper fluid reservoir.


The pickiness came out of our techs as they made sure any imperfection was to face the grinding wheel to make the bay as clean as possible.


OEM bracket holes were either saved or ground down to ensure all necessary holes were gone.


A bit of rust was stopped in its tracks before it could spread any longer on the passenger side of the car.


More prep work underway with the valve cover, sanding it down and using blue dye to ensure that the surfaces were flat and perfect for the powder coating process.


Lots and lots of sanding for maximum aesthetic appeal.


The mating surface on the previously supplied turbo manifold to the turbo had to be leveled out as well, to ensure no future problems would come up from an uneven surface.




Once the brackets were fashioned up on the intake manifold and the valve cover was sanded down for a sleeker look, it was time for powder coating on the cover and ceramic coating on the intake manifold.


The smaller brackets for the oil cooler were going to get powder coated as well, and even the intercooler was to be given a new wrinkle coating. In a nutshell, nothing was left out of thought when it came to getting a fresh new look.


The car was off to paint to receive a fresh new look in the engine bay!

280z nissan s30 l28 tf tfworks tougefactory

It’s hard to capture the beauty of fresh paint especially under artificial lighting…


So we rolled it outside…


So we could get a better picture of the fresh black coat!


With the car back from receiving engine bay work and everything else having had all of the necessary powder coating work and ceramic coating work done, it was time to throw everything back together and in the car for final assembly. We added a little bit of TF flair to the front intercooler piping, of course.


Freshly ceramic coated turbo manifold featuring the TIAL wastegate


Catch cans and overflow tanks mounted up, intercooler ripping finalized, a majority of the handiwork on the car was complete.


Beads on beads!


Ignition by MSD and AEM management.


Even Forrest Wang loved Christine’s build when he stopped by during a layover, and he gave his approval on all of the fabrication and custom work that went into the car.


Freshly Powder coated Z32 brake calipers were installed in favor of the puny OEM calipers. Of course they were black!


Thanks for following the build! Be sure to check back for more updates on the Z as well as our other projects here at TF!

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