February 6, 2016 TFDarian

Project: Nissan Skyline GT-R

With the 25 year law in place, we are seeing a huge influx of what used to be extremely rare cars come through our shop. Many of the cars that drop by our shop, start out with the basic maintenance jobs and bolt on upgrades. This particular customer, was able to obtain a very low mileage R32 GT-R (12,000 original documented miles). Shipped directly to us before the owner even had a chance to smell it, drive it, or touch it. As a long time customer of ours, it started out as a “Hey I’m getting a GTR, and need some maintenance parts” to “Might as well do it all at once.” Not looking to build the fastest car, but wanting a build using only the best parts and making it reliable and most importantly fun to drive.

Before the car even arrived, we constantly kept receiving parts for this car. The anticipation was getting real once entire shelving units were being filled up with the best possible BNR32 parts.

Here is how she looked when we first pulled her into the shop:

After only sitting on our garage floor for a a few days, the car was already being torn apart.

The first order of business was to remove the engine and prepare that for a rebuild.

One of the extremely cool parts that will be incorporated into this car is this Abbey Road Company (ARC) front mount intercooler! It is slightly larger than the stock unit, and has larger cooling fins.

And that’s how a clean R32 engine bay looks like.

The car currently rests in the air with the majority of its front end disassembled.

We still have more parts coming in, but we will leave that for a future post. More updates coming soon!
High Res images can be found HERE.

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