January 29, 2016 TFDarian

Volkswagen Type 2 Vanagon Westfalia

Everyday, customers drop their cars off for anything from general maintenance, to a full build. The cars are typically ones you see commonly on the road, with the exception of some that have been imported from overseas. A few weeks ago, a customer approached us about putting in some time on a T3 Vanagon with an engine swap that is becoming more popular for these cars. The engine compartment is situated in the rear of the car, and it is very limited for engine swap options. The Subaru boxer engines are ideal for this application because they are readily available, and put out a good amount of power.

For our situation, we were given a Westfalia edition vanagon, with a Subaru SVX engine, straight from an auction, and asked to make everything function together. After a few weeks, the car was all buttoned up, and the owner saw the car for the first time since purchasing it.

The suspension was upgraded and an Audi disk brake conversion was installed. We also opted to place the A/C evaporated behind the front wheels.

A custom exhaust and shield were created just for this engine swap.

Looks like a regular trunk space…

…And under the cover we see the Subaru 3.3 SVX engine. The stock transmission was mated with a Subaru bell housing in order for this conversion to work.

Since the upgraded engine has a higher red line than the stock unit, a new bezel was put in!