January 30, 2016 TFDarian

Product Feature: NecksGen REV

The current availability for head and neck restrains is fairly slim, and HANS is the most common choice for anyone looking for this type of device. It has became the standard for head and neck safety, and it is used in various racing sanctions. Due to there being only one company dominating the market, NecksGen has come up with their own restrain system that has some advantages over the HANS.

Most SCCA and NASA events require SFI approved head and neck restraints and HANS has been extremely popular within. The next contender for this system is NecksGen and they have introduced their REV unit. Available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, each size except for the small will accept a 2″ and 3″ harness. The small variant will only accept the 2″ harness.

Compared to the HANS, this unit has a lesser amount of material and is therefore lighter than the standard HANS kit, and possibly even lighter than the carbon HANS kit. Since there is less weight within the unit, there is less strain on the driver’s neck and back.

The tethers allow for a wider head turning angle over the HANS, and this allows for a wider field of vision. And the quick release mechanism is far more simple and quicker to use.

The only current downside to this unit is the lack of FIA certification so moving up in the racing classes would mean that this head and neck restraint would not be a viable option.

All in all, this is a new unit to the market that has many advantages over the HANS and vice-versa. For most, the REV will provide just what they will need for safety, unless FIA certification is necessary. This is a nice unit that we will put to use once the track season starts up again in Chicago.

More photos can be found HERE.