December 31, 2015 TFDarian

Service: Custom Roll Bar

Participating in a track day event is one of the best ways to improve your driving skill level. As your ability to pilot your car becomes greater, you are going to push yourself and your vehicle to the limit. That need to get a better lap time will result in buying parts to make the car lighter, faster, and more agile. But with all of these components to consider, safety needs to be the top priority.

A majority of drivers and vehicles at open track days are not at the professional level, but whether their car is stock or highly modified, all can learn a great deal about car control while experiencing the thrill of competing against other drivers on a course. In order to keep yourself safe out there, and in turn keep everyone else safe, common safety components that should be found in these cars are the following: a bucket seat, a race harness and preferably a roll bar of some sort.

In the case of a roll, this component (when properly constructed and welded into the car) will support the weight of the car and keep the occupants within safe. Bolt-in roll bars and cages can help, but weld-in versions are much stronger and overall the safest option. For serious racing, bolt-ins have too many areas where they can fail.

We recently received an Evo IX to create a roll bar for. At the driver’s current skill level and parts list, this was the next upgrade for the car.

The roll bar itself is a four point unit with a harness bar and an extra strut bar in the back for added rigidity. If needed in the future, additional two points can be added to it to make this roll bar into a full roll cage.

The interior was dismantled and points where welding would occur were cleaned off.

Holes were cut in order for the rear bars to mount to the rear strut towers.

Once the roll bar angles and positions were finalized, everything was welded in place.

As requested, we then prepared the roll bar for paint.

After a few coats of paint, and reuniting the interior pieces with the car, the project was complete!

More photos can be found HERE.

For more information about custom work like this for your track car, feel free to contact us!