December 24, 2015 TFDarian

Product Spotlight: NISMO LMGT4 Omori Factory Spec Machining Logo Version

During the first quarter of 2015, Nismo announced that it was going to make a limited run of their iconic wheel, the LMGT4. This production was made only in a glossy black finish, and featured a state of the art machining process to achieve an etched Nismo logo on one of the spokes. Being 30% lighter and stronger than previous releases, this production is the ultimate set of LMGT4s to own. The GT-R specialists at Omori Factory arranged the following three sizes of this wheel to be released:

  • 17 x 9.0J 114.3 x 5H offset 22 BNR32 – 7.6kg
  • 18 x 9.0J 114.3 x 5H offset 22 BNR32 – 8.9kg
  • 18 x 9.5J 114.3 x 5H offset 12 BCNR33 BNR34 – 8.9kg

A knurled tire bead is used to avert the separation of the wheel and tire at high-G conditions.

The main difference between the two different diameters is the center cap. The 17in version features a standard (raised) center cap, while the 18in version features a flat center cap shown below.

Even though this run is already discontinued, finding a set of these wheels is still possible. Many Nismo distributors still have a few sets in stock.

If you are looking for a light, high performance wheel with a timeless look, this is the perfect wheel for your car!