November 26, 2015 TFDarian

Event: TF RHD Meet

With the recent availability of importing Japanese cars older than 25 years, more and more RHD cars have been popping up around our area. The cars that are being brought in were previously not commonly allowed due to them not passing NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association) regulations. The only legal way to get around it was to have the car be used for “Show and Display,” but you could only put 2,500mi on the car annually, pay a large sum of money, and fill out heaps of paperwork. So, the 25 year rule treats these cars a little different and is more lenient on what cars can be on the road.

With the popularity of these cars increasing stateside, we thought it would be fun to team up with GTR-Garage and throw a meet specifically for RHD cars at our facility on a gorgeous Sunday in November. Sure, not every local RHD car and driver could make it, but we still had a great time and turn out.

Lets take a closer look at this Skyline piloted by the owner of GTR-Garage.

The maroon, carbon fiber, and black bits around the car contrasted one another very well!

In total, we had four R32 based Skylines drop by, however there are more in the Chicago area.

The current owner of this car stayed in Japan, bought and drove this car at tracks and through the mountains before bringing it back with him! It was also a light blue-grey before..

Our friends with LHD cars also dropped by!

Varis friends..

A clean S13 appears.

A Subaru 360. This little “Firebug” is powered by a Honda CBR954RR Fireblade’s 150hp motor, mated to the motorcycle transmission and then to a Geo Metro gearbox giving the pilot 30 possible forward gears to the back wheels to choose from. Through ingenuity and shear madness, Brian “Crab Spirits” Kolar and Mike Gruizinga of Charnal House Racing, engineered this marvel into life.

After a few hours, everyone parted ways and enjoyed the rest of the great weather.

That’s all folks! Check back soon for more posts!

More photos can be found HERE.