November 21, 2015 TFDarian

Christine’s 280Z Project Part 1

The only way to keep moving forward is by constantly progressing and changing things up. Part of what makes the car community exciting is seeing what car enthusiasts will come up with next. Anything from small modifications to full-out builds keeps everyone looking forward to what is in store next.

Christine is someone who has put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating a 280Z that always turns heads and puts a smile on her face. Since obtaining the car in 2011, she has been restoring her Z (check out her build thread HERE). A little bit ago, she started building an L28 that would replace the current one in the car. And now we have reached the time to swap the car and further improve other components of the car. One of the crucial parts of the build will be turbocharging the L28! We are really excited to get a chance to work on this car, especially because she drops by so often!

As the build keeps progressing we will keep updating you with more content!

We started off by taking apart the entire front end for easier access to everything.

Currently, this car is running STANCE GR+ coilovers and Work CR01 15×9 -53 in the front, and 15×10 -53 rear.

Once we are done, we will be looking at a turbine nestled within this engine bay.

With the engine out, we cleaned up and removed some bits of the engine bay that won’t be necessary once the build is complete.

Old engine got put on the stand, while the built one was getting ready to be put into its new office.

And it’s in! We are now working on getting the forced induction components all fitted together.

This is where we leave off! Stay tuned for more!

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