October 9, 2015 TFDarian

Event: Final Bout II Part 3

View Final Bout 2 Part 2 Here

As the sun sunk below the horizon on Saturday, anticipation for the final day of drifting was upon everyone. With the first day in the books, some cars suffered damage that made them inoperable for the second day of the event. Unfortunate as it was, everyone shared high spirits and a positive attitude.

Just like any drift event hosted by ClubFR, Sunday began with a driver’s meeting and a general info session. Sunday was the day where the track would become a free-for-all. Most of the drivers already got the chance to get to know one another and each other’s driving style, so tandems and larger trains were constant throughout the day. Besides the brief lunch break, drivers were getting as much seat time as possible by constantly attacking the track.

Final Bout II was just as good if not better than the pilot event, and this event has the possibility of constantly growing year after year. The amount of spectators, media, and drivers present at this year’s event trumped that of the previous event. There were people everywhere, taking photos, enjoying the event, and we were probably using all of Shawano bandwidth for sharing our experience!

Large-scale grassroot gatherings like this one are the best way to keep everyone in from all over the continent (and from overseas) together. People from various countries and states made the trip to spend time with one another. When there’s a good event like this, people will do anything to make it! We cannot wait for next year’s iteration, but for now we have to thank everyone who made the event possible!

That finishes up our coverage of Final Bout II! We had yet another great time at this years event and we hope that there will be future events like this one!

High-Res images can be found here!