September 25, 2015 TFDarian

Event: Final Bout 2 Part 2

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Last time we spoke, we looked at all the drivers preparing for the team competition portion of the weekend. For some drivers, this course is their home course, while for others it was completely new. However, the sheer skill of the drivers allowed them to get the hang of the layout quickly.

Saturday afternoon rolled around and the competition was in effect. Every team lined their cars up near the starting line and anticipated their turn to hit the track. Just like last year, each team had two runs to get judged on. Runs by every team were intense, and everyone was pushing their cars to the limit to get closer to their teammate! Once everyone had the chance to put down their runs, the top four teams were announced. Proceed, Heatbloom, Risky Devil, and Faction made the cut and moved on to the finals! After the top four, each team had two more chances to put down a solid lap to impress the judges with style, speed, angle and proximity. Once the final team ran and the smoke had cleared, Faction (3rd), Heatbloom (2nd), and Risky Devil (1st) were called! Once the news was announced by the judges through the megaphone at hand, pure joy was in the air, along with champagne getting sprayed everywhere! The cheer from the crowd and drivers for the newly crowned victors slowly faded out and everyone went back to their cars for more drifting, which went non-stop until the sun began to set!

Chicago based Anonymous Gangester!

Daring Partners strategically matched one of the judges outfit.

Blackmoon’s only non S-Chassis car!

Auto Factory Realize was able to make it this year!

Forever Classics

An earlier encounter with the wall left Ryan Kado’s car a little bruised!

Club Sandwich getting closer than ever!

Shadynasty introduced a new Beams powered Corona to their lineup this year.

Blackmoon all murdered out!

Fun fact, later on in the day this car caught on fire!!

Rob was posing for model shots all day!

The amount of spectators this year must have doubled or even tripled from last year!

Only smiles!

We finish today’s post with Nic drifting into the sunset!

All the photos can be found here!

Stay tuned for the final post!