September 18, 2015 TFDarian

Event: Final Bout 2 Part 1

Ever since the departure of last year’s drivers and spectators, we have all anticipated the second iteration of Final Bout and worked hard to get ready for this year’s event. It is also no surprise after all the positive feedback from the inaugural event that once the list of the attending teams was posted, the excitement was real. Social media was buzzing as drivers and spectators began counting down to when all of the rad cars, previously seen online, would all be in one location again for a few days.

The Saturday of the event, the two seemingly never-ending pit lanes were amazing. Each featuring some of the best cars that the USA and Canada have to offer. Walking around the pit, seeing all the hard work everyone put in for the event was impressive. There were cars present that we had never seen before. A few cars even debuted at this event and that made everything seem so surreal.

Looking around, we noticed everyone was smiling, laughing, and getting to know one another. This event felt like a family reunion. Everyone was there; media people, spectators, drivers, social media car celebrities, eFamous divas, and those who had that one cool car but you didn’t know who drove it.

However, none of this could be possible if it wasn’t for the organizers. ClubFR teamed up with some judges, who ventured from Japan, sponsors, and USAIR to create an amazing event. The photos are taken by Nick and Darian. We hope you enjoy the coverage!

The lowlow foos of Goldstar changed up their S13 from last year. Unfortunately this car suffered mechanical problems and was not able to drive the entire event.

A different style approach was taken with this NA Miata from team Breaking.

Shadynasty brought out a new chassis this year! The Beams powered Toyota Corona was shredding all weekend.

Glad to see Auto Factory Realize made it this year!

One of the wildest 240s was this hatchback from Daring Partners.

Faction made the trip from the east coast!

As the morning practice session under way, the out of town drivers were starting to get a hang of the course and the line of the track.

Even though the competition was not yet in session, teams were putting down great runs!

One of the most anticipated cars that weekend was Richard’s S14 featuring the Rocket Bunny BOSS kit! This car was perfect and looked so right when you would hear the Chevy V8 roar!

It was a treat getting to see a US based JZX90!

This Toyota sedan was powered by some kind of V8, maybe a LS3.

Mild, Aggressive, and simple 180’s drifting nearly door to door!

The starting grid was packed whenever the track was hot!

Team Proceed sans Chob.

Team Breaking FD rubbing up against his front fenders!

Rumor has it, this was the car’s first track day!

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for part 2 coming out soon!

High-res images can be found HERE.

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