August 26, 2015 TFDarian

Project: D-Spec AE86 Part 2

Since the last time we left off, a lot has changed on this car. The wiring is complete and now a tune is the last electrical based item left on the list. All of the wiring was taken care of by FENESS Engineering, and everything is tucked and organized.

One of the most noticeable changes is the presence of the J-Blood front bumper, which is painted in a two tone fashion. Being influenced by styling cues from Japan, the owner opted for a Ueo style silver bumper. The rear bumper has a matching two tone, as well.

The ride height isn’t yet final. When the car leaves our hands, the front will be slightly higher.

These Corollas have always looked so good with minimal exterior modifications!

A Safety21 cage was put in for added safety for when the car and driver get rowdy!

The STACK cluster and neighboring gauges will give all the vitals from the Beams engine up front.

Can wait to hear these trumpets scream at full throttle!

Just a few more small things and this car will be at the track!

Stay tuned for the final post where we will showcase the completed car!