July 31, 2015 TFDarian

Customer: Madd Max 180SX

After little over five years in the making, Max is near completion with his take on the ever popular 180SX. Max went with Type-X aero to start off the exterior and added on Rocket Bunny V1 flares to compensate for the wide SSR Koenig Monster’s. Since these flares are best suited for Rocket Bunny aero, he trimmed down the bottom portions of the flares so that they meet the OEM exterior components. At this point, the exterior already looks pretty wild so a Origin GT wing, with custom stands, GT mirrors, and a splitter and canard combo are put on to further the aggressiveness.

The barrels on these wheels look intense and definitely go well with the flares.

Max, Madd Max, added a cool personal touch by adding his nickname under the deck of the Origin wing.

The interior is just as wild as the exterior. Gauges are placed throughout the dashboard to allow Max to view all the vital information he needs when driving the car. The katana sticking up from the floor is the handle for his hydraulic e-brake setup.

A pair of Recaro bucket seats sit enclosed within a roll cage and Louis Vuitton esque headliner.

Max chose to go with the 1J route for his engine. An interesting side note, he is currently in the process of developing two different technologies for the car to create a more efficient and powerful setup. He wouldn’t give us more information, but we are definitely looking forward to the results!

Up front, each side of the bumper has air holes cut in to force the air into the two different coolers he set up.

A closer look at the SSR Koenig Monsters.

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