March 20, 2015 TFDarian

Event: Tuner Galleria 2015

For the past few years, a local Chicago convention center has annually hosted one the largest modified car shows in the area. Just about each hall in the building is packed with cars suited for any kind of taste the spectator might have. Since there are so many varying approaches to modified cars, the show was split in two. The domestic side was called Autorama and brought forth some of the best muscle cars, hot rods, domestic race cars from the Midwest and further! Tuner Galleria showcased the imports and the types of cars we are used to. Both were awesome and you really have to appreciate the amount of time and effort that builds from both shows required.

From functional track cars, to builds focused on wheel fitment, to VIP, to promotional cars, Tuner Galleria had it all. We’re going to take a look at some of our favorite builds from the show. Towards the end, checkout our flickr to see more!

We are extremely honored with this build. Three days before the show, we received the shell from paint and within those days we put the car back together and drove it around the venue. Taking home Best In Show feels amazing for a car of this caliber!

The “Ruined STI” sitting flush on Volk Racing ZE40 thanks to a new air suspension system.

Another ride sitting on the same wheel’s was this infamous Evo X.

STANCE Suspension just recently developed a signature series drag spec coilover system for the car. That design will really help out with launching the car. Check out STANCE Suspension and some of the new products coming out from their lab!

Dope Civic from Wisconsin. Really neat to see the Mugen front lip, Gab Sports wheels, and the ever popular K20 swap. Not in picture is a Mugen rear wing and other Mugen bits!

This very nice Nissan Elgrand (Quest) stood out from the crowd of coupes and sedans. Why isn’t vanning more popular stateside?

One of the more anticipated cars was this Varis 370Z. This picture does not do the car justice. Up close, this beautiful wine color has a blue flake in it. The Esprit wing has been cleared with a very slight amount of wine colored flake, and the execution is spot on.

Battle ready GC Subaru sitting on Advan RG3s.

Two S14s built with differing style, but both make sure they get wherever they have to go as fast as possible.

Another Varis kit this time on this FR-S. This car recently received a supercharger and a set of the new Tanabe Revel VLS guages!

This Series 10 FR-S is just about to hit the streets sporting its new Greddy turbo system that we put on!

Our flagship FR-S was station under the Mackin Ind Booth alongside the blue Evo X we saw earlier

Really dope center cap on this Rays wheel!!

Although this is a post for Tuner Galleria, we took a look at Autorama and found this gem!

ITB’s and the tucked away engine looks great on this style of muscle car builds!

We were even blessed with some lowriders! So cool.

One more of this magnificent Z34.

Many of the readers might or might not know what this car is or what it stands for. Known as “The Unicorn,” this 180SX adorns the crim della crim GT-1 aero on Nismo LMGT4s. TF_Dave has been rebuilding this car for the past few years it is a spectacular sight to see this driving on the highway. Expect a close up feature of this car very soon!

That’s all folks! Thank you for tuning in, thank you to everyone who dropped by our booth, and everyone who helped us out along the way!

For more pictures click HERE!

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