December 9, 2014 TFDarian

Project: Earl’s Subaru

In the past few days, this Impreza has gone through a noticeable amount of change under the hood. The primary augmentation was in the intercooler piping and turbo dump pipes. When the car came in, the radiator and intercooler were positioned in a v-mount setup and that did not allow for efficient cooling. Since this car’s main habitat is the track, proper air flow is key. Another issue present was the position of the two dump pipes from the twin scroll turbo. Later on you will be able to see what I mean, but first here is the completed piping:

The first thing you might notice is the different pipe routing. The intake manifold has been flipped from its factory positioning. And in order for the piping to clear the stock hood and all the other engine components, our fabricator created this design.

Here is how the mock up looked like. A new radiator was put in along with a custom filler tube, and it was mounted at forward facing angle. Sitting in front of it, was the intercooler that the car came with. However, after our fabricator got to it, it was flipped vertically and new inlet pipes were welded in.

Checkout those aluminum welds! Steve really knows what he’s doing!

Since these pipes have to fit under the stock hood, they needed to be as close as possible to the intake manifold.

Now we switch over to the dump pipes. The first one is letting all the excess exhaust straight into the axle boot while the other pipe is releasing everything in a weird position behind the down pipe.

Here is the replacement for the dump pipe that previously exited at a weird angle. It is made out of stainless steal and pie cut into the perfect shape.

The two replacements were placed in, and everything under the car was now finished.

Let’s peak around the axle and its boot to see where the dump pipe attaches to the wastegate.

Finally, small holders for the harness were welded on top of the intercooler. This is how the car looked right before everything was put back together and the first picture in this post was shot.