November 21, 2014 TFDarian

Project: Track Oriented Z

Serious and creative builds are ones that require an unsurpassed amount of time, skill, and money. Over the course of a few years, this 350Z has seen modifications performed to it that only a select few Z’s have in the past. This time attack Z33 build has plenty of history with us, and even before, which can be read up on HERE.

As the linked build thread states, this car is powered by a fully built SR22VE-T. This swap is not one that you see in general, let alone in a 350Z. The engine is cradled inside of a shell that strictly focused on safety and functionality. A custom fabricated 10pt cage coupled with reinforcement tubes and braces throughout the car ensure the utmost safety in any situation. An OMP fire suppression system and multiple battery cut-off switches are present as a backup in the case that something were to happen.

A great engine like this needs powerful electronics to propel it, and that is covered by a PROEFI ECU, Racepak IQ3, AEM ignition, and plenty more! Once the car is running, the power is transferred through a EXEDY triple plate clutch, Mazworx transmission, Tomei 1.5 way, then through some wide WedsSport TC-105N wheels. When it needs to stop, massive 12pot/10pot TAROX brakes stop the car on a dime.

The exterior of the car has an assortment of carbon fiber pieces. Voltex front bumper, hood, fenders, and side skirts are just some the pieces currently on. More aero goodies are still to be put on like a chassis mounted GT wing!

With that small background segment out of the way, lets look at some photos of the current state of the car:

This fully functional bash bar supported the weight of a minimum of three of our most manly men here at TF.

A custom radiator, intercooler, and oil cooler setup is nestled behind that bash bar.

Quality parts galore!

The Racepak feels at home while surrounded by the other distant control modules.

Here is another shot of the front setup.

Gussets and support bars increase the strength and rigidity of any roll cage.

Every vital component of the car has this fire retardant nozzle above it.

A close up of the PROEFI control module, OMP fire extinguishing system, Longacre battery cut-off, control panel, and guages.

Rear and front brake setup!

We take a peek underneath to see what’s being worked on. A set of Stance Suspension coilovers, CNC’d lower control arms, Whiteline swaybar, a drysump system, and so much more!

And through all the different components, we can see the throttle body itching to be wide open!