August 22, 2014 TFDarian

Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms

The FR-S & BRZ has been receiving a great amount of support in aftermarket upgrades. Based on the car’s heritage and its intended purpose, purpose driven parts that will improve the car are readily available for the chassis.

One of the best things to do is to upgrade the stock strut and spring combo with a set of coilovers. STANCE has that department covered with a few different models available. However, there is a great upgrade that works great when coupled with STANCE coilovers and that is the rear lower control arms. Along with the arms, another necessary part to a lowered FR-S/BRZ are SPL toe arms.

(OEM LCAs on the left and STANCE LCAs/SPL toe arms on the right)

Rear Lower control Arms are an ideal suspension modification after lowering any FR-S or BRZ. The LCA will allow for proper rear camber adjustment and aid in maximizing handling and braking abilities while saving tires from uneven tread wear. In addition the arms will also keep the camber true during hard/competition drifting or racing by eliminating soft rubber bushings. STANCE LCA was designed to raise the hub which lowers the car by 25mm, which allows for longer stroke dampers found on STANCE Super Sport coilovers to maximize rebound stroke.

The most important part of aftermarket suspension links are the rod ends. Aurora spherical rod ends are one of the most expensive and high quality rod ends on the market, and for good reason. Aurora ends are used in both military and NASA applications. There is no other rod end that can match the quality, precision and durability of Aurora’s rod ends. The Stance links use Aurora’s strongest billet 3 piece rod end bearings. Aurora bearings use a sintered steel ball to handle extremely high loads. Rod ends feature special chemical bonded PTFE liners for smooth operation, less noise, and long life. The rod end housings are heat treated and zinc coated for strength and durability. Our rod ends offer a high misalignment angle for extreme performance.

Here you can see the difference when applied to the car. With these arms, you are given plenty more adjustability over the stock setup. Plus, the bronze color goes well with the STANCE coilovers and any other possible components under the rear of the car.

Not only are there advantages regarding adjustment, the arms are also stronger and lighter than stock. Another great upgrade is the fact that these arms come with spherical bearings.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some up close pictures of these control arms and toe arms. If you are interested in purchasing a set, feel free to contact us!