April 6, 2012 TFDave

BRZ Testing


We got a chance to drive a BRZ. First impressions were good. Pretty roomy inside and nice supportive seats. The rear seats are good for carrying groceries, nothing more. Although this model was an auto, the trans shifted quick and firm. Intake noise was surprisingly loud, which was good, makes you want to keep your foot down. The suspension was firm and made the car feel very nimble. The diff worked well, car is driftable right off the showroom floor (don’t ask how i know 🙂 ) . Car is small but not miata small, more like 240sx size. There was good midrange tq but the engine could use more top end. I’m sure with some mods, you can easily fix that. I think the styling is good, lowered and aggressive wheels, this car will look awesome!