March 30, 2011 tfmike

S13.4 Hybrid Valve Cover – Crisco!

We have been receiving more and more inquiries for the S13.4 hybrid valve cover, which Brian at MA started!
We do offer this service at TFWorks.


What is it?
It’s a hybrid valve cover which takes the S13 SR valve cover and the S14 SR valve cover to make one awesome valve cover.
What does it do?
If you have a S13 SR, and you have an oil catch can… you’ve probably seen your catch can fill up before the day is even over. This is due to no internal baffling in the S13 SR valve cover.  S14 SR valve cover does have internal baffling, which prevents all of the oil to just end up in the catch can.
The internal baffling of the S14 valve cover redirects the oil back onto the camshafts, instead of going straight to the catch can.
Since the S14 SR valve cover won’t just bolt onto the S13 SR…. you have to Frankenstein the two together using
the Front portion of the S13 SR valve cover and the main body of the S14 SR valve cover which contains the baffling.

Contact us for more details!

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