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Product Spotlight: KEY!S Racing Steering Wheels

A week ago we received a large shipment of KEY!S Racing steering wheels, and they have been getting an ample amount of attention.

We had a FR-S/BRZ specific steering wheel, which utilized the OEM airbag, sell right away! That application is technically suited for the JDM version because the splines on the steering column do not match the USDM splines. The wheel will be a few degrees off center and we recommend an alignment after install if you plan to keep that wheel and steering column.

The showroom still has plenty of wheels to choose from if interested. Every wheel had a different look and will suit your style.

Recent Customers Part 5

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are just a few that we had the chance to snap pictures of over the past couple days:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Event: Final Bout Part 3

Part 1 Click Here.
Part 2 Click Here.

With the first day of drifting in the books, the drivers were pretty well adjusted to the track and it was time for the competition! The bleachers were packed and everyone was excited for the action to start. After a short practice period and parade lap in the morning, each team was allowed two scored runs with the four highest scoring teams advancing on to the final four.

Seeing all of the cars lined up by team and ready to go at the starting grid was amazing. It was finally here; Final Bout was here. Months of preparation all came down to this day. Every team had one thing in mind: make this weekend the most memorable one.

The first team was up. Everyone was excited yet nervous when the sound of high revs and spinning tires filled the air. They were off!

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Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Exhaust Manifold

Newly developed parts keep streaming in for this great chassis, many of which are bolt-on components for the intake and exhaust sections.

Recently, we received a shipment of Tomei Expreme exhaust manifolds for the ZC6/ZN6 application in two versions: equal length and unequal length. Both designs have their own purpose and more information on them can be found here.

A customer came in today for a Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold (BRZ/FR-S) #412002 install.

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Event: Final Bout Part 2

As the drivers from out of town started to become more familiar with the track and each other, the rain continued to come down intermittently throughout the day. Due to the erratic weather and a schedule running longer than anticipated, the event organizers from ClubFR decided to postpone the competition till Sunday. This came as good news allowing the drivers to continue to practice their tandem trains in what would be the judging section, and edging closer and closer to USAIR’s latest edition: the K-Rail.

Here we see some of the drivers gearing up for another practice run at the starting line.

The way Animal Style made tandems on a foreign track look like a breeze wowed both spectators and drivers alike!

Team Breaking came with new NASCAR themed vinyl schemes and put in solid runs throughout the day.

The Bosstown drivers getting familiar with the wall in this shot; they and many other drivers were clipping it all weekend.
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Recent Customers Part 4

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are just a few that we had the chance to snap pictures of over the past couple days:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Product Spotlight: TF-Works Shift Knobs

We are now carrying Nismo style shift knobs in Nismo inspired colors. These are bigger than the regular Nismo knobs by 5mm (Nismo is 45mm and TF is 50mm), but they retain the same thread pitch (10×1.25)

Midnight Purple, Nismo Red, Nismo Gray, Nismo Navy.

Give sales a call or email if interested!

Event: Final Bout Part 1

Final Bout has been a long time coming. Since I first heard about it a few months ago, I knew that this invitation only event would be an epic representation of drifting and style… and how fast someone can slap together a car. Once the list of the attending teams was posted, the excitement was real. I even started a countdown to when all of the rad cars you only see online would all be in one location for a few days.

When I arrived at the track, the two seemingly never-ending pit lanes amazed me. Each featuring some of the best cars that USA and Canada had to offer. I didn’t even know where to start taking pictures. Everything was just too awesome! Walking around the pit, I was impressed with all the hard work everyone put in for the event. There were cars present that I’ve never seen before, and I’ve been on the Internet so I have a decent idea of what’s out there. A few teams debuted their cars at this event and that made everything seem so surreal. Sure, to the regular onlooker a car could have looked like a 240 with bad suspension, messed up alignment, misaligned body panels, and a plethora of stickers, but to everyone who was at Final Bout that 240 was the shit …probably.

From this point, I knew the weekend would be one to remember. As I looked around I noticed everyone was smiling, laughing, and getting to know one another. This event felt like a family reunion. Everyone was there; media people, spectators, drivers, social media car celebrities, eFamous divas, and those who had that one cool car but you didn’t know who drove it.

However, none of this could be possible if it wasn’t for the organizers. ClubFR teamed up with some judges, who ventured from Japan, sponsors, and USAIR to create an amazing event. As you’re reading this, you might be thinking who actually is talking to you… Maybe… The article is by I, the new TF intern who goes by Darian. The photos are taken by Nick and myself. We hope you enjoy the coverage!

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Recent Customers Part 3

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Here are just a few that we had the chance to snap pictures of over the past couple days:

Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series so stay tuned for more!

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Product Spotlight: Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold

Tomei has been making exhaust manifolds for a long time and they have dialed in what works for every application. They recently came out with two manifold designs for the the FR-S/BRZ chassis, equal and unequal length, both of which are in stock and available now at TF-Works!

Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Equal Length (BRZ/FR-S) #412002:

Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Unequal Length (BRZ/FR-S) #412003:

Equal length: more overall power increase and sounds less like the classic boxer
Unequal length: slight low end power increase and a greater boxer rumble

Contact us directly with any inquiries, we’d be glad to help!

More Friends

Last weekend was Final Bout weekend, and with that there was a lot of preparation for the upcoming festivities. We got a chance to meet so many people from across the country who happened to drop by on their way up to Wisconsin. One group of friends that stayed for a while was Animal Style. They needed to finish up their last minute to-do list at our shop, and we helped as much as we could. It was a pleasure spending time with Animal Style, Hert, Will Roegge, and others!

Service: EVO X AYC Pump Relocation

In the recent years, EVO X owners have begun experiencing a problem with their ACD/AYC pump. This pump is in charge of the center differential and yaw control. It basically controls your torque, and acts like a limited slip, on its own. The pump tries to give the best acceleration by directing power to the wheels with the most grip. So it adds power to the wheels in grip and reduces power in the wheels lacking grip. If you were to choose to increase the AYC settings, you would notice more power in the rear, and vice versa if you decrease the settings.

However, cars located in climates that experience harsh winters, like the US Midwest and Europe, have had this pump fail on them. The pump rusts away from the inside and holes emerge in the casting of the unit. Weather and corrosion seem to contribute to the problem, but a concrete cause is not yet found. There are EVO X owners all over the world who do not experience this weather, and the problem for them is not as frequent.

The problem arises when it comes to replace the part. Mitsubishi does not cover this under the warranty, and the part costs over $2000 new. This pump is located in the back under the passenger side trunk. TFWorks has devised a solution by relocating a working pump into the trunk. The purpose of this is to hopefully prolong the life of the pumps. Since the inside of the car does not experience the same kind of exposure to elements as the outside, this solution seems to be working.

Below are some pictures of the pump and solution.

Here we have the old, rusted unit.
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Product Spotlight: Recaro SR7 ASM IS-11

Recently, ASM and Recaro came together to make a series of limited edition seats. The SR7 seats are produced specifically for ASM by Recaro. This seat is different from the base Recaro seat by having non-slip material on the shoulder section and the red double stitching.

Since this is a limited edition seat, there are only 200 of them worldwide.

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Recent Customers Part 2

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Over the past few days, there were some cars we had the chance to snap a picture of. Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series.

Stay tuned for more!

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TFMike is coming in hot!

Change is constant, and Mike’s S14 knows all about it. This season, Rays Engineering created a brand new design and called it the ZE40. Mike opted for the bronze set in the 18×10.5/18×12 sizing. I think it fits the car’s style better than the Work Meisters from the previous setup.

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature on this car.

Product Spotlight: Rocket Bunny 86 Ver.3 Wing

Rocket Bunny is all the buzz nowadays along side the FR-S/BRZ chassis. There is a constant flow of aftermarket support for these cars and it’s great seeing different innovations and designs surfacing. One of the products that will become more readily is the Rocket Bunny 86 aero ver.3.

Unlike the previous two versions, this is the most sleek and simple. The ver.3 wing embodies the subtle curvature of the car, while still keeping its aggressive, bold signature which Rocket Bunny is known for.

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Feature: Austin’s RB-Powered 240SX

Who: Austin Zarecky
Occupation: Student at Ferris State University
Car: Nissan 240SX Hatchback

Austin started off with a vision for this car many years ago, back when he had a different rust stricken shell. Six years ago, he came to Touge Factory hoping to have a purposefully built car created. His plan was to build a drift-oriented car for the track, however the original motor had constant engine problems. After thinking things through, Austin decided to do something a little different. He came in with money and a different shell, and decided to drop an RB26DETT, from a Nissan Skyline GT-R, into it. After some time, his vision came to life.

TF: Hi Austin, can you tell us what was your first car?

AZ: Buick Regal Supercharged. I totaled it by sliding off the road during a winter storm into a pole. The pole came smashing down on my roof and it missed me by only a little bit. That accident taught me not to street race and to leave fast driving to the track. Now that I think about it, this happened right before I went to New Zealand.

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Product Spotlight: Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms

The FR-S & BRZ has been receiving a great amount of support in aftermarket upgrades. Based on the car’s heritage and its intended purpose, purpose driven parts that will improve the car are readily available for the chassis.

One of the best things to do is to upgrade the stock strut and spring combo with a set of coilovers. STANCE has that department covered with a few different models available. However, there is a great upgrade that works great when coupled with STANCE coilovers and that is the rear lower control arms. Along with the arms, another necessary part to a lowered FR-S/BRZ are SPL toe arms.

(OEM LCAs on the left and STANCE LCAs/SPL toe arms on the right)
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Recent Customers Part 1

Everyday customers drop by; some new and some regulars. Over the past few days, there were some cars we had the chance to snap a picture of. Each week we will be posting a new iteration of this series.

Stay tuned for more!

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TF-Works FR-S/BRZ Meeting Coverage

Thanks to everyone who came out, to Autobarn Subaru of Countryside for hosting the event and to our sponsors Stance USA, WEDS Wheels, Tomei Powered, Cusco USA, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Work Wheels, GFB, Essex Parts Services, Inc. for their support and great raffle prizes!!

Click to check out more photos and video coverage by Unscene Media Group from the TF-Works FR-S/BRZ Meet earlier this month!
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Ray’s EVO X

-ADVAN GT 19×10.5

TF-Works LS2-swapped 2nd Gen RX8 R3

TF-Works Built LS2-swapped 2nd Gen RX8 R3:
-Mahle Flat Top Pistons -4cc, 1.314″ CH, ~10.5:1 CR
-Eagle I-Beam Rods 6.125″
-Melling High Volume Oil Pump
-JP Performance Double Roller Timing Chain
-Comp Cams LSR “TF-Works Custom Cut” 235/243 .621/.624 113 LSA
-Comp Cams Hi-Tech Chromoly 3/8″ Pushrods
-Comp Cams Dual Valve Springs w/ Titanium Retainers
-ARP Head Studs
-Harland Sharp 1.7 Roller Rockers
-Trick Flow GenX 225 Heads
-Stainless Works 1 7/8″ Headers
-FAST LSX-R 102 Intake Manifold
-FAST 46# Injectors
-LS2 Throttle Body
-VMAX 90mm Aluminum Inlet Ring
-LS9 Head Gaskets
-Full Hinson LSX Swap Kit
-Racing Beat Muffler
-TF-Works Flex Section
-TF-Works AN Lines to Stock Oil Coolers
-ACT Clutch & Flywheel
-Automatic FD3S Ring & Pinion Final Gear Set (3.91 Ratio)
-Custom Driveshaft
-MGW Short Shifter
-Battery Trunk Relocation
-Completely Operational OEM Dash
-Custom-mounted GTO Pedal Utilizing LS2 Drive-by-wire
-WedsSports SA67R TSG
-Moton 3-Way Coilovers

As far as we know, this is the first LS-series swap into a second generation RX8. Be sure to keep an eye out during the 2013 season as this wolf in sheep’s clothing is scheduled to appear at road courses and drift events throughout the Midwest!

Custom STACK Gauge Cluster

Check out this custom gauge cluster for S14 made in-house using STACK gauges:

Contact us for all your wiring and STACK data acquisition needs, we’d be glad to help!

TF★Works Holiday Sale!


**Contact us directly with any specific questions and we’ll be glad to help!**

New TAKATA Products!

TAKATA has improved the already very high quality line-up by adding more variety.
Everyone knows the quality of these harnesses, and now they add affordability without sacrificing quality!
The DRIFT series starting at $199…and the Race series with the black harness.

Takata also offers 4 point RACE Series harnesses. Unique to these products is the feature of ASM® (anti submarining mechanism) which is added to the right shoulder belt. ASM® activates whenever an impact of a critical level occurs releasing and extra two inches of webbing on the right shoulder – allowing enough upper torso rotation and thus helping to reduce the likelihood of submarining. In additional unique bendable stainless steel mount bracket for the lap belts allow for easy installation to factory seat belt mounting points.

The Takata Series of belts, manufactured by Takata Racing in Germany, are uniquely designed for safe installation in passenger cars with factory seats. The belts meet both FMVSS (US) & ECE (European) standards for “Street Legal” use. Both belts incorporate Takata ASM® technology and bendable stainless steel mounting hardware allowing installation to factory seat belt mounting points without effecting the operation of factory seat belts. Takata DRIFT belts set new standard style and safety of aftermarket, Street Legal belts. DRIFT belts come in both Takata Green and Black to match any interior scheme with style!

New Item Release! ~> TF Aluminum SR20DET Valve Cover Washer & Nut

Along with our current line up of high quality aluminum parts….
We now bring to you our newest item!
SR20DET VALVE COVER Washer & Nut set!!!!

These stylish aluminum washer and nuts are direct replacements for the OEM rubber washers and your mis-matching nuts.
CNC’d out of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, these nuts and washers will be able to keep your valve cover in place and look good at the same time!
Each washer was specifically designed with enough tolerance for heat expansion.
This is a great alternative to going OEM setup which can cost over $100.00

MSRP for S13 Valve Cover: $84.99
MSRP for S14/S15 Valve Cover: $94.99

Fluids…. Fluids…. Fluids….

It’s the start of the season for most… Time to get your weekend warrior or your fully purpose built race cars out of storage.

Time to change out the old fluids that’s been just sitting for months.

When it comes to cars, people have different motives and objectives, and you need to know what to put into your car based on these concepts.

There are many brands out there, and they all claim to be the best… Read more