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Product Highlight: Performance Brake Fluid

Let’s talk a little about brake fluids:

First, keep in mind that all brake systems will only work as well as their mechanical and hydraulic design will allow.  Poorly designed brakes system, or an inadequate brake setup will cause the brake fluid to boil much faster.  Brake fluid can boil inside the caliper causing bubbles to form, which leads to a “soft / mushy” pedal feel.  In certain cases the pedal will fully depress to the floor and the only way to get the pedal to return is to pump the brakes.


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Project Update: Porsche 928 Exhaust Fabrication

Ed dropped off his late model Porsche 928 to receive a full stainless custom exhaust to replace his previous setup! The old exhaust system had been on the car for over a decade, and Ed wasn’t too keen on the sound of it, how low the exhaust was to the ground, and how it looked. Not a problem, we were more than happy to build him a new exhaust system from scratch. Check out the progress:RAL_0281


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Product Highlight: Origin Lab Hood Vents

We just received a massive shipment of products from Origin Lab! Most of it is pre-sold, but be sure to call or email us for availability on in stock Origin parts, and also to order pieces that will be coming in to our next shipment! Here we are going  to show you the three different variants of hood vents vents:


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Project Update: KA-T S13 Drift Build Part 3

This post will be our last project update for this car! It has come along way in its time here at TF, from a whole chassis swap to a built KA-T set up, to a full upgrade on the suspension and chassis.If you haven’t been following the build up to now, be sure to check out PART 1 and PART 2. At the end of the last update, we had just dropped the engine in and starting to hook up all of the plumbing:


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Project Update: K24 AE86 Part 3

Picking back up where we left off with Part 2 of the K24 powered AE86 (If you haven’t been following along with the build, be sure to check out PART 1 and PART 2), in which we prepped the engine to be dropped in the chassis and also installed: full Crystal Body Yokohama aero, Work Meister CR01s, the Techno Toy Tuning brake kit and a few other small bits.


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Seat Test Review: Bride Zeta III Type XL & Bride Stradia II

We receive a TON of inquires regarding sizing on different seat brands and models every week to our email and on forums, so we’ve decided to launch a new part of the TF Blog called the Seat Test Review dedicated strictly to us testing out how different seats fit and feel! The tests we perform here could vary from actual installs on each seat (for example, if one of the employees has the same model in their personal vehicle or has had personal experience with it in the past) or simply just a test in the showroom/studio. Two of our employees,  Steven and Devin, who have different body types and builds from each other will be sitting in each seat and commenting on the way the seats fit. Part 2 of our seat review kicks off with the Bride Zeta III Type XL and Stradia II.

Steven is 5’5 and 130lbs, with a waist of 29-30. He has a small frame build, and is slim.

Devin is 5’10 and 215lbs, with a  waist size 36-37. He has a larger frame build with more to love and has larger thighs.

Each person will be commenting on each seat for its support and comfort for the thigh area, waist, and shoulder area.

First up is the Bride ZETA III Type XL (Check that out HERE)


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Project Update: TF Mustang Part 2

So, it’s been a while since our last update on the TF Mustang where we installed the Whiteline Performance Swaybars (Check that out HERE), so prepare for a MASSIVE project update blog post! This blog will document the first big change the Mustang has seen since its storage for winter (or its whole life actually), and is the product of working in conjunction with several companies. After shaking down the Mustang last year, we had experienced the limits of the car and felt like we had a solid starting point to build up on and really stretch out the car’s legs. In this post, we will be covering the install of an upgraded oil pump gear, installing the supercharger kit from Procharger, installing larger injectors from Injector Dynamics, as well as a few goodies from our friends over at Mishimoto! Check it out:



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Product Install: Kaaz 2-Way LSD Install

One of our customers was in need of an upgrade to his differential before the 2017 season started. Eric has a built LS1 in his 350Z and tracks it often as a part of the GridLife series as well as other racing series. We ordered him the diff and all of the supporting parts and went to work! The 350Z does come with an LSD and is great for daily driving because of how unnoticeable it is,  however for track use it lacks performance due to the viscous fluid which can deteriorate over time. Also, that viscous fluid only has a certain limit to it’s lockup capacity that won’t be a problem with an aftermarket differential option. The LSD of choice for Eric’s LS powered 350Z is the 2 Way Super Q from Kaaz. A 2 way LSD is beneficial for high speed circuit tracks, and has shown to be the preference of more aggressive drivers over a 1.5 way due to better stability during high speed cornering. Once you start increasing the torque output of the 350Z by adding more power or by using more aggressive tire compounds, the factory VLSD cannot provide consistent full lock-up.  The Super Q diff also has WPC treated clutch discs as well to reduce the infamous differential clunk for a more quiet operation (Read more on the cool science behind WPC treatment by clicking the link HERE).


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Seat Test Review: Sparco Circuit II & Bride VIOS III

We receive a TON of inquires regarding sizing on different seat brands and models every week to our email and on forums, so we’ve decided to launch a new part of the TF Blog called the Seat Test Review dedicated strictly to us testing out how different seats fit and feel! The tests we perform here could vary from actual installs on each seat (for example, if one of the employees has the same model in their personal vehicle or has had personal experience with it in the past) or simply just a test in the showroom/studio. Here are the first testaments from two of our employees,  Steven and Devin, who have different body types and builds from each other so we can have some varying opinions on the way the seats fit. Our first 2 up for review are the Sparco Circuit II and Bride VIOS III.

Steven is 5’5 and 130lbs, with a waist of 29-30. He has a small frame build, and is slim.

Devin is 5’10 and 215lbs, with a  waist size 36-37. He has a larger frame build with more to love (Sorry Devin <3) and has larger thighs.

Each person will be commenting on each seat for its support and comfort for the thigh area, waist, and shoulder area.

First up is the Sparco Circuit II (Check it out HERE on tf-works.com)


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Project Update: KA-T S13 Drift Build Part 2

Back on track with the KA-T S13 drift build, the engine was mostly tied up and assembled in the first part of our build documentation (Check that out HERE). What was left on the engine was waiting for the turbo to arrive, tap the oil pan for the oil lines to the turbo, and modify the S13 intake manifold. Chassis wise, we’re going to be installing the hydraulic e-brake, coilovers and installing the engine!

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Product Highlight: Volk Racing TE37 16x8J +25

We are excited to be bringing you this all new wheel from our friends over at Volk Racing: a 4×100 TE37 in 16″ by 8″, with an effective offset of +25 AND for the first time ever it is being offered in a Type III concave! Normally this wheel in this sizing would have a flat face, but the added concave really gives the wheel a way more aggressive look! There is no etching on these wheels like the latest TE37s have had, instead the branding and stickers are a tribute to the OG TE37.


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Project Update: S2000 Roll Cage Build

A few weeks ago we had one of our long time customers, and TF sponsored drivers, Devin Giles drop off his boosted S2000 time attack car to have his current roll bar modified into a full fledged roll cage fabricated for his car. The previous roll bar had been in the car for a couple of years and needed to be slightly modified for more reinforcement and structural integrity. When the car first got here, I myself was out of town so I didn’t get a chance to document the process of the old roll bar having its two rear supports cut out, the minimal interior being pulled out and a few initial measurements. But! The majority of the process was photographed so let’s jump right into it:


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Project Update: KA-T S13 Drift Build

A few weeks ago we were brought a KA-T S13 with a laundry list of parts we were going to be installing, as well as plans for a bit of love and normal maintenance here and there. However, the more we dug into the car on the initial tear down, the more we found that needed to be fixed and replaced. No big deal, this was a 25 year old car that was seemingly put together on a tight budget by the previous owner.  On the hand, the current owner bought it knowing what needed to be done and how he wanted the car to look and perform, so he brought it to us to fulfill his vision! The first order of business was pulling out the previously boosted KA and checking on its overall condition.


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Project Update: K24 AE86 Part 2

We’ve made tons of progress on the K24 AE86 build since we last left off (Check out Part 1 HERE), so let’s just jump right into it! The owner originally wanted a full TRD N2 aero kit, but was having difficulty sourcing one from Japan.  The ultra rare Crystal Body Yokohama full aero kit was selected as suitable alternative thanks to it’s aggressive, stylish design and its functionality with a built-in splitter and ducting in the front bumper!


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Project Update: R32 GTR – Part 4

We have been waiting to release the final batch of photos from our R32 build and figured since it has been over a month since the car left the shop that now was as good of a time as any to release the final project update. If you haven’t check out the earlier blog posts covering the GTR build, you can check out the extensive Part 3, the Part 2 mini blog , and the Part 1 introduction.


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Project Update: K24 AE86 Part 1

Over the past few months we have been accumulating parts and knowledge to tackle our next full fledged build: a K24 out of an Acura TSX going into an AE86  Corolla. It had been done before, however it wasn’t documented extensively and many questions were still had on the whole swap. Through these blog posts, we will be documenting the whole process and learning as we go along how to successfully complete this swap!


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Project: Audi S5 Custom Exhaust

A few weeks ago we were presented with the opportunity to build a custom exhaust in house for a customer who wanted a more aggressive sound from his Audi S5. Rather than get something conventional and off the shelf, we built the header back exhaust from scratch for a unique sound and look.


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Product Review: Whiteline Performance Sway Bars for S550 Mustang

As most of you know, we picked up an S550 Mustang as a shop car to learn more about the chassis and give an American “Classic” our own take. The mustang is by no means a light and nimble car, it has some mass to it. Weighing in at nearly 3800 lbs, we’re going to try and do everything in our power to make the car handle as if it were lighter while retaining the comforts of a street car that sees the occasional track.


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Event: Super D Matsuri 2016 feat. Naoki Nakamura

As the drifting season comes to a close here in the Midwest and the temperature starts to fall, we ventured out to sunny California for Super D Matsuri at Grange Motor Circuit! We worked with our friends over at Drift Team Animal Style with this crazy idea to bring Naoki Nakamura, one of the most stylish and exciting drifters in the world, to the US for an event. With hard work from the stateside team planning and help from Stacked Inc., Wolfreign Motors, and all of the event sponsors, the event took shape and one of Naoki’s freshly painted shells was en route to to the USA.


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Product Feature: New Vertex Japan Steering Wheels

Vertex is known for many things, one of them being their super stylish steering wheels. Normally the wheels feature ornate stitching and bright colors, and the latest from Vertex is no different. We received three of the latest styles this past week and have several more on the way in these designs as well as other ones. Check out the wheels and be sure to email us for any questions on them or any other product from Vertex!


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Event: Club FR Jam

We ventured back up north to Shawano, Wisconsin for Club FR Jam at USAIR! This is the track where Final Bout and Final Bout II were held, as well as where Club FR hosts its D-Day events. Unlike any previous event however, drifting was allowed during the night time hours thanks to a lenient track owner and the addition of lights to illuminate the intermediate course section! We originally went out to the event to help staff (and drive some) but we managed to snap a few photos of the event  as well. Enjoy!


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Product Feature: Koyorad Radiator for ND Miata

Koyorad Racing is constantly staying on top of the market as new cars are released and designing products to accommodate them. One of the latest is the ND Miata from Mazda which is already becoming a popular platform for modifying for track use and for show. Koyo stayed on the ball and designed a radiator that trumps the OEM one in every single way and generously sent us one of the first to put in the ND Miata we have around here to do a side by side comparison like we did with the E46.


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Final Bout: Special Stage Central – Part 1

We saw the return of the Final Bout crowd at USAIR this past weekend for the Special Stage Central event! Some of the cars from the previous event at PARC came out to the track from the West Coast, but the point of these events being split into three is to make the traveling aspect a bit less harsh for teams that travel from the complete opposite side of the country, and to sort of qualify to be invited to the Final Bout main event next summer.



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Event: Pizza Bout

Pre Final Bout festivities have been a thing at TF since the first Final Bout. Drivers from around the country were heading to the event, and TF acted as a pit stop of sorts. This year, rather than have one single Final Bout event during the summer, the guys behind the operation decided to hold three different events across the country in three parts (West, Central, East), dubbed “Special Stage”. Special Stage West was out in Portland Oregon at Pat’s Acre Racing Complex, and Central was to be held at the familiar USAIR track up in Shawano Wisconsin. The event is this Saturday, so rather than just having the participants show up randomly throughout the week or throwing a small meet, we decided to give back to those that give so much to drifting and the scene itself with a pizza party.


Presenting, PIZZA BOUT.

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Project Update: R32 GTR – Part 3

We’ve been hoarding all of the photos from the R32 GTR build and figured now would be as good a time as ever to share them with you in this project update! This has been an extensive build process and we have documented a lot of it in these photographs throughout the past several months. When we left off last blog post, the car had its RB26 heart removed for disassembly and to be rebuilt for the power goals the customer had in mind.As the car sits now, it just needs a few more things buttoned up in the engine bay and the drivetrain for it to be ready to finally fire up for the first time.  Check out the extensive coverage below!


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Event: GridLife Round 2 – Track Battle & Drift

For the second year in a row, GridLife Track Battle returns to Autobahn Country Club! The track is beautiful, with three different layouts available to run; North, South, and Full. Saturday was dedicated to Time Attack and other track activities, while Sunday added a drifting demo in as well as a change of course running.


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Event: GridLife Round 2: Offset Kings Chicago

Offset Kings returns to the Chicago area! Our friends over at JDM Chicago and Fatlace worked with GridLife to bring this exclusive car showcase to our area. Featuring a few familiar cars and other new ones, there was a broad range of cars present on the grass. Check out our photo coverage of a few of the cars from this past weekend!


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Project Teaser: AE86 Build


We’ve been keeping it under wraps here at TF, but we have been in the process of collecting parts for a new project that we have yet to do here in shop! More details will be released later, but for now enjoy a small teaser of some photos from Crystal Body Yokohama! CBY has been working with us getting all of the aero for our project car ready and it’s going to be on its way to us soon. Check out their website HERE!

CBY has been tuning with AE86 aero for many years now and has established their place in the market. You can find out more photos of their shop car at NoriYaro (beautiful car, simple and fast!)

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Event: GridLife Midwest

This past weekend we ventured out to Gingerman Raceway for the GridLife Midwest event! It was an event unlike any other, featuring drifting, time attack, music festival, vendors and more! The weekend was a massive success and we cannot wait until the next GridLife in Road Atlanta at the end of the summer! We brought out the TF 5.0 Mustang as well as the Time Attack S14 to participate in the road racing aspect of the event to test out new aero on the S14 and shake down the cars.


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Event: Final Bout – Special Stage West (Part 1)

We ventured out to Portland, Oregon for the first instillment of this year’s Final Bout Special Stage series! The event took place at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex, a track originally for karting but has grown to be a local favorite for drifting due to its tight technical turns and hairpins and overall fun! It is also a very scenic track and photographs really well, check out some of our photos from the event in Part 1 of our Final Bout coverage!

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Project Update: TF 5.0 Mustang Part 1

Our latest venture here at TF has been the new Ford Mustang (GT) with the 5.0L Coyote engine. Although we are more than comfortable with our standard 240s and other Import car projects, going outside of our comfort zone with this Mustang is proving to be a really rewarding process. Come on, who doesn’t love the easy power gains you can get from headers and a tune on these cars? Where as their 4 cylinder counterpart would take much much more for 70+ horsepower gains from simple comparable bolt-ons.


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Wekfest Chicago 2016


Wekfest USA returned to the Chicago area for the first time in over 5 years, and here is the result!
Tons of quality cars came out of the woodwork and from coast to coast to show what they have been up to this winter. Many over the top builds were present, some familiar cars with a few updates, and some classics. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the TF booth and said hi, enjoy a few photos and the gallery from some of the cars of Wekfest!

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Project: E46 M3 SMG to Manual Conversion Part 2

Over the past few weeks, a lot has happened since the E46 entered the shop doors; pulling the transmission, exhaust, and suspension as well as the subframe to fix a few common problems with this chassis. Plenty more is on the way, but we wanted to go ahead and throw an update your way to keep the public informed and dump all of the photos we’ve taken over the past few weeks.

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Product Feature: Koyorad Racing Radiator for E46 M3

While the market for the E46 chassis is large, it is no where near the size of the more common import chassis’, such as the S chassis. Comparing these two seems a bit unfair; the market appeal of each was aimed at an entirely different demographic, and the cars are years apart from each other technologically speaking. The E46 M3 was regarded as one of the best sports cars of all time for its superior handling and performance, and they are much more affordable to the masses now as time has gone by. The market for these cars was growing exponentially as they became more affordable so it was a no brainer for companies such as Koyorad to start developing more products for the chassis. Koyorad aluminum E46 M3 radiator

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Christine’s 280Z Project Part 2

Stepping forward a couple of months from the last dedicated blog update on Christine’s blackest of the black 280Z, and the car is now approaching it’s finishing point faster than ever. If this is your first time reading about the Z, be sure to check out the build thread HERE, as well as Part 1 to our blog regarding the Z HERE.

intak manifold as it sits

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Project: SMG E46 M3 Manual Conversion + 280Z & R32 GTR Updates

Where is the third pedal? A common question in the car enthusiast community, referring to the belief that a car with an automatic (using that term loosely, DSG and SMG fall under this category) transmission is not a true driver’s car. There’s no denying the evidence that having a flappy paddle gearbox means more efficient up and down-shifts, which translates to faster lap times. Super car manufacturers such as Porsche, Nissan, McLaren, and Ferrari have almost phased out the traditional gearbox in favor of the newest shifting technology. Purists will always prefer to do the work themselves as far as shifting goes; there is something satisfying about nailing that perfect heel-toe downshift that allows you to rocket out of the corner; it’s a much more involved process and it comes down to the feel.
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Project: Nissan Skyline GT-R

With the 25 year law in place, we are seeing a huge influx of what used to be extremely rare cars come through our shop. Many of the cars that drop by our shop, start out with the basic maintenance jobs and bolt on upgrades. This particular customer, was able to obtain a very low mileage R32 GT-R (12,000 original documented miles). Shipped directly to us before the owner even had a chance to smell it, drive it, or touch it. As a long time customer of ours, it started out as a “Hey I’m getting a GTR, and need some maintenance parts” to “Might as well do it all at once.” Not looking to build the fastest car, but wanting a build using only the best parts and making it reliable and most importantly fun to drive.

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Product Feature: NecksGen REV

The current availability for head and neck restrains is fairly slim, and HANS is the most common choice for anyone looking for this type of device. It has became the standard for head and neck safety, and it is used in various racing sanctions. Due to there being only one company dominating the market, NecksGen has come up with their own restrain system that has some advantages over the HANS.

Most SCCA and NASA events require SFI approved head and neck restraints and HANS has been extremely popular within. The next contender for this system is NecksGen and they have introduced their REV unit. Available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, each size except for the small will accept a 2″ and 3″ harness. The small variant will only accept the 2″ harness.

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Volkswagen Type 2 Vanagon Westfalia

Everyday, customers drop their cars off for anything from general maintenance, to a full build. The cars are typically ones you see commonly on the road, with the exception of some that have been imported from overseas. A few weeks ago, a customer approached us about putting in some time on a T3 Vanagon with an engine swap that is becoming more popular for these cars. The engine compartment is situated in the rear of the car, and it is very limited for engine swap options. The Subaru boxer engines are ideal for this application because they are readily available, and put out a good amount of power.

For our situation, we were given a Westfalia edition vanagon, with a Subaru SVX engine, straight from an auction, and asked to make everything function together. After a few weeks, the car was all buttoned up, and the owner saw the car for the first time since purchasing it.

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Service: Custom Roll Bar

Participating in a track day event is one of the best ways to improve your driving skill level. As your ability to pilot your car becomes greater, you are going to push yourself and your vehicle to the limit. That need to get a better lap time will result in buying parts to make the car lighter, faster, and more agile. But with all of these components to consider, safety needs to be the top priority.

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Product Spotlight: STANCE Suspension Coilover Covers

STANCE Suspension recently released a new product that will aid in preserving the life of their coilovers. Made from breathable neoprene, these covers protect your investment from salt, ice, and extreme road conditions. The neoprene covers feature a zipper on the back that allows for an easy install. Both ends of the covers are elastic and create a tight seal around the unit. Since coilovers come in varying sizes, 325mm and 395mm long variants are available.

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